We’re the only partner for workspace digitalizationthat you’ll ever need.

We'll shift the operation of your business to the cloud. We'll also buy your company's mobile devices and arrange their management and security. Or we'll take care of your entire IT infrastructure. In addition, we offer first-class customer service and we're a partner of companies such as T-Mobile, Samsung and ŠKODA AUTO. Do you want to join them?
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We’re experts in managing mobile devices

We’re the only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to deploy all leading technologies for the corporate management of mobile devices (phones, laptops or tablets) and we’re members of the GEMA (Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance) Association.

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IT is our whole life

We purchased the first servers and offered cloud services already way back in 2004. Today, we provide companies with complete management of their IT infrastructure or we deploy Microsoft 365 cloud applications as a Microsoft Gold Partner.

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Our 24/7 service is provided directly by technicians

No impersonal approach on the phone – not even voice bots. When you write to the help desk, the application automatically connects you directly to a technician. It is similar to talking directly to the designer of your car on the Škoda line. Fiction? With us it’s reality.


Zajistíme celý životní cyklus mobilních zařízení

We started in a small cubbyhole in the center of Brno. Today we are among the top Czech IT companies.

The idea to start a company came into being in the summer of 2004. Over a beer. The real outline came a few months later, when we rented a small room in the center of Brno, bought old servers and started offering cloud services.

The initial enthusiasm was replaced by disappointment. Cloud services did not awake that much interest as we envisioned. We switched to general IT management and developed an application for law firms.

It’s here! T-Mobile noticed our work and offered us the opportunity to work together to manage and support BlackBerry, a technology innovation of the time. We are starting to offer solutions for corporate mobility management (EMM, MDM).

Our teenage days are over. We have employed the largest manufacturers in the IT industry, recruited prestigious clients and are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified. We have grown into a company with 30 employees, becoming one of the world leaders in the field of corporate mobility and we care for more than 100,000 mobile devices for our clients.

However, success has not gone to our heads, as we help those who need it most. We have teamed up with the People in Need Foundation and we regularly contribute to support people who have fallen on hard to times due to seizure.

Want to see us? Here are our founders:


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