Almost half of Czechs use a personal phone or computer for work, and company data on personal devices is at risk

With the growing number of smartphone users, the number of Czechs who use them for their work matters is also increasing. According to research by System4u, 43% of working Czechs use a personal phone or computer for work, but 18% of them admit that company data is not secured on their devices in any way. At the same time, according to experts, careless employees are one of the most frequent causes of company data leaks.
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A work computer and phone assigned by the employer is no longer an attractive benefit for most Czechs. 44% of Czechs prefer one device for both personal and work purposes, and employees often prefer working on their personal devices, which they are used to.

“Companies thus save money on purchases of electronics, but they should think all the more about company data security. According to our research, 43% of working Czechs use a personal device for work, of which 21% use only a phone, 6% only a computer and 16% both a personal phone and a computer. At the same time, personal phones, which are usually not as well secured as computers, are a somewhat greater risk,” said Edward Plch from System4u, which deals with business mobile device management.

Companies are thus addressing the issue of securing company data on devices which employees use to download high-risk applications, or with which they are regularly connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

An ideal solution for working on a personal phone is the creation of a separate work profile, but only 26% of research respondents who use personal phones for work have one. Most Czechs have the company data on their phone secured in the same way as personal data (e.g. using a phone lock or anti-virus), and 18% of respondents admitted that they do not secure company data at all.

“A separate work profile enables employees remote access to company e-mails and applications. In the event of a risk, the employer can then delete the entire profile, including sensitive data, without endangering the employee’s personal data,” said Edward Plch, when explaining the principle of security.

Not even on assigned work devices is sensitive company data completely secure. That’s because 78% of Czechs also use work phones and computers for personal purposes.

“Opening files attached to a personal e-mail or downloading films from dubious sources can endanger all data, including online banking passwords and personal photos. Companies which work with sensitive data, which is the vast majority of companies, should therefore organize regular training seminars regarding safe conduct in the digital world. From our experience, the weakest link in company data security is the employee,” added Edward Plch from System4u.

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