BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12

Best solution for Blackberry devices!

BES12 is an EMM solution developed Blackberry. It offers a comprehensive mobile device management for your organization, protects company data and sensitive information and provides multiple tools to IT administrators for device management.

Blackberry Enterprise Service 12 helps to protect internal data used by your employees. It is an important tool for the IT administrators to keep devices and data under control. Supported systems include Blackberry 12,10, Blackberry OS (5.0-7.1), iOS, Android and Windows Phone!

There are two new releases:

  • Silver – security management for BB, iOS, Android and WP
  • Gold – also includes Secure Work Space – secure container for iOS, Android and Blackberry 10 and additional advanced functions

Main components:

  • BDS – Blackberry Device Service – with this function BES 12 can manage OS Blackberry 10 devices and Blackberry Playbook
  • UDS – Universal Device Service – UDS takes care of all device management for Android, iOS and WP
  • BMS – Blackberry Management Studio – offers variable interface for administration of Blackberry 10 devices, BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry 7.1 and earlier versions of smartphones running iOS, Android or Windows Phone

Individual components can be implemented separately either for security or performance management reasons.

Key parameters for BES 12:

  • Complete Blackberrry device support – smartphones and tablets. Device management is extended to iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Simple central console for single point of administration
  • Corporate data protection using targeted control covering multiple areas – option to set a wide ranges of IT policies
  • Option to manage and distribute mobile applications.
  • Work-life balance – separation of business and private needs. In case of theft or end of employment it is possible to only wipe corporate data and applications.

Manage your iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry from a single MDM interface!

System4u is a Blackberry partner.

BES 12 main functions

  • Secure device activation and internal network connection
  • User and group management, Active Directory connection
  • Remote device wipe and lock
  • Security policies
  • iPhone, iPad and Android client
  • Remote management and application distribution
  • Corporate certificate authority, device verification using certificates

Secure Work Space

Secure Work Space is a container for applications, secure connection and strong security control for iOS and Android devices managed by BES console. Managed applications are secured and separated from personal applications and data. BES12 allows for secure connection to the corporate network using various channels – apart from the standard AES-256 encrypted connection through Blackberry Secure Infrastructure, BES also supports direct connection via VPN and ActiveSync.

Blackberry has partnered with Samsung to work on improving Android security (KNOX).

The new platform supports all implementation options including on-premise, public and private cloud as well as hybrid environment.

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