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4. 4. 2023

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Do you know OKTA?

In the Czech Republic, it is still underestimated, but it can do both Workforce identity and Customer identity.


How easy is it for customers to sign up for the e-shop? Or users to SaaS applications? How big is the cost of such a login? And is their data really processed in accordance with EU regulations?

Every modern application needs to know its user and serve them according to that knowledge.

The overhead of securely authenticating and obtaining other user information is huge and costs the owner a lot of money, not just for the developer.


The customer’s identity is no longer just a combination of name and password hash in a table somewhere in the bowels of the system, it is now a key piece of information for success in interacting with them. At the same time, it is subject to strict regulations regarding its privacy, which hackers are constantly trying to expose and exploit.

Users want a certain comfort, mainly they want to keep it simple, i.e. use social logins from Apple, Google or Facebook, they don’t want to remember what they logged in with last time, but when they log in they expect you to recognise them and see their past activity and what they would like to see.


is a global leader in identity management solutions and interest in the Czech Republic is growing rapidly.
Customer Identity Cloud OKTA offers great functionality at a low cost.
It offers a free plan for up to 7,000 active users per month

With the right implementation strategy, 90% of customers can deploy their solution within 3 weeks without existing customers noticing a change or needing to interact.

Who is already using it?

For example, Rossum, Ikea, Zalando, or Czech startup stars Kiwi, Kentico and Blackboard, and of course us.


We implemented OKTA about a year ago. What did she bring us?

  • We log in uniformly and without passwords to all systems
    typically using biometrics, to all corporate applications.
  • Manages the lifecycle of user identities
    – Once an employee is created in the HR system, Okta automatically ensures the creation of a user identity in all company applications. When the employee leaves, it will take care of the cleaning and blocking of access and also cancel the license
  • Manages user groups in linked systems.
  • Manages the assignment of the correct licenses and roles in Microsoft 365.
  • It protects us from attacks and user identity theft by using adaptive access policies with anomaly detection (e.g. non-standard locations, unknown devices) and enforces further authentication or blocks access if necessary.
  • Self-service portal offered to all our users, with published corporate applications and the option of a self-service password reset.

How has OKTA brought us savings?

  • We don’t even pay an extra month for the licenses and we don’t have to watch them anymore
  • Our employees, collaborators and partners have saved significant time
  • We gained control over user access, automated the creation and cancellation of user access
  • We’ve taken the security of your entire corporate IT to a whole new level in just a few steps, while managing everything from one place

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