We are VMware’s 2022 Digital Workspace Partner of the Year!

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8. 6. 2023

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We are VMware’s 2022 Digital Workspace Partner of the Year!

We were awarded Partner of the Year in the Digital Workspace category.

What does this mean for us?

Reward for all projects completed with Workspace ONE / AirWatch

Reward for continuous customer care

Reward for hours spent in education

Appreciation for doing our job well and being respected by our partner

And above all, motivation for future projects!

What does Digital Workspace bring to companies?

1. Ability to work anytime, anywhere. Employees adjust their workday and work when they feel they are most effective. At the same time, this system of work gives them a sense of freedom.

2. Increased efficiency and people satisfaction. According to the latest statistics, the efficiency of employees who are not bound by job restrictions is increasing. They don’t force themselves to work at times when they don’t even think about it, they don’t procrastinate, and they only work at their most productive times.

3. Cooperation without borders. Thanks to the digital workspace, employees can work on collaborative projects very comfortably. They don’t have to forward mass emails or arrange complicated meetings, they simply work in shared documents where they also chat or talk on the phone. All information is online, real-time and available to every team member.

4. More transparent communication. In a traditional “brick and mortar” company, where people only communicate with each other through face-to-face meetings or phone calls, a huge amount of information is lost. Every manager works differently, people don’t have complete information and a lot of information gets lost over time.

Once a digital workplace is in place, a company will typically establish one online communication channel to share all key information. The information is thus delivered to everyone indiscriminately and can be retrieved by employees at any time.

5. Work from your own mobile devices. The days when top managers had one personal and one business phone are over thanks to digital workspace. Employees have the opportunity to work from their own mobile device (BYOD – bring your own device), in which the company logically separates the private and work agenda thanks to the available technologies.

Similarly, a company will make its people happy by purchasing mobile devices according to their preferences and then allowing them to use the devices for personal use as well. This again allows the separation of work and private agendas using available technologies (MDM, EMM, UEM).

Reduced costs for employers. The introduction of digital workspace has reduced the demand for office space and is already changing the concept of huge open space offices over time. Teleworkers don’t need their own workstation, but it is possible to share a workstation between several people.

This saves companies the cost of renting and running unnecessarily large offices, as well as the cost of unnecessary travel to meetings that may be online.

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