What is Windows 365 and deployment options

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23. 9. 2021

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What is Windows 365 and deployment options

Microsoft recently launched a new cloud service called Windows 365.

Windows 365 is available from 2. 8. 2021 and can be used by any company in the Czech Republic.

Until now, if a company was considering virtualizing its computers, it needed the entire infrastructure and, above all, the company had to set everything up. This costs time, money and, above all, knowledge of the necessary technologies.
With Windows 365, all a company needs is a credit card and within minutes they have a full Windows workstation that can work from anywhere.

The advantage is flexibility – quickly creating a Windows 365 station that is accessible from anywhere and the ability to define performance as needed. With an emphasis on safety, of course –
In the Enterprise edition, access can be controlled using Azure AD Conditional Access policies including MFA. The disadvantage may be the need to have an internet connection. You can’t work offline with Windows 365.

The device from which you can connect to Windows 365 can be a mobile phone connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse – for example, a Samsung phone with Dex technology.

Cost saving is one of the advantages of VDI in general. Of course, this also applies to Windows 365. A company doesn’t need to buy powerful HW that will become obsolete over time. Moreover, not all users typically need powerful HW for their work. With Windows 365, you can have a powerful desktop when you really need it – for a one-off project, for example. Moreover, someone on the other side of the planet can work on such a desktop.

Windows 365 is licensed separately. The license includes only the Windows virtual machine. Of course, it is possible to combine Windows 365 and Microsoft 365 licenses
and harness the power of the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Disk capacity is independent of OneDrive and is available for user data or installed applications. Of course, the user’s data can also be synced to OneDrive and then available outside of Windows 365.

A company using this new cloud service can benefit from the ability to work from anywhere with its employees, e.g. in the event of a quarantine/lockdown, employees can join from anywhere.

Roman Přikryl, System Architect, System4u a.s.

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