Work in a company which is among the global elite in its field.

You’ll be working with mobile technology from VMware, MobileIron, Samsung and Microsoft and installing it in companies such as Řízení letového provozu [Air Traffic Control], ŠKODA AUTO and TESCO.

We’ll do our best to make you look forward to work every day.

We’re colleagues and friends

You can address the bosses informally, and your dress code will be what you feel best in. We really don’t bother with formalities.

You can work whatever way suits you

Some people get up at five so they can go home early, while others prefer to sleep in. We’ll agree on a work regimen which suits you.

We’ll accommodate you whenever possible

Don’t feel well in the morning, or need to sort something out? Take advantage of the home office. Need more time off? That’s OK. We spoil our employees.

More about us

Jitka Šafářová

HR manager

Do you want to do something different?

Contact us anyway with your CV. We can figure something out.