Individual content delivery to each user

With Citrix technology users can access all applications, documents or even personal desktops whether company-provided or BYO devices. Furthermore, they can choose on which type of device they want to work (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry).

Application access

Citrix offers access to a corporate app store where it is possible to download mobile, web, Saas and Windows applications. The user can decide which application to use or it will be automatically delivered as part of device settings and regular updates. In addition, Citrix offers native applications for secure e-mail, calendar and browser access (Worx email, Worx web).

Superior user comfort

Using a simple client (Citrix Receiver) for communication with the central console, the IT department can deliver the necessary data to all devices (tablets, smartphones, desktops, Mac) via WAN, various 3G/4G mobile networks or corporate LAN.

As a result users do not need to take care of anything and all data is delivered to them without the need to go anywhere or download anything.

Safety for corporate data

Citrix can secure all data and applications. Employees can share and synchronize all data and applications from any device and share them with others both internally and externally. This way the organization minimizes any risk of corporate data leaks or loss. Furthermore, all data is archived in a data center.

As additional tools for increased security IT can add elements such as encryption, password authorization, special applications policies, remote block and wipe or micro VPN for mobile applications to further secure data management.

User role administration and access limits for documents and applications

As part of the user interface the IT department can easily assign user roles. Access rights can be assigned to individual user accounts or by groups.

Simple but flexible solution

Citrix has managed to develop its solution to be as close as possible to current user requirements. There is a wide spectrum of devices and operating systems and users want to work with their favorite applications and use internal documents without risk of losing or compromising sensitive internal data.

Citrix is able to cover all areas of management and security under one umbrella using a simple and flexible system. Furthermore it is possible to install it as a cloud service or as a comprehensive server solution directly in your company.

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