Managed cloud storage


Sharefile provides an option to store and share data without any risk of loss and with permanent control over its use.

Based on the security policy documents or e-mails can be accessed only by people with a designated user account. It is also possible to set what actions the user is allowed to perform (view, edit, share).

User requirements

  • Non-stop access to documents from any device
  • Document sharing with anyone inside or outside the company
  • Working with documents in a user-friendly familiar environment

Working with applications such as Dropbox or Box is convenient only for users. The problem is that with these types of application you lose control over who can access a document as well as overall system control over data and documents. In contrast, corporate IT needs to control and ensure security of internal documents, deliver security policy and eliminate risk of document and data loss.

Citrix ShareFile is the right solution. It is a high quality product that will not only satisfy the end user but also enable IT control over access to internal documents.

Sharefile Functions:

  • Roles assigned to individual users – based on their role users can access only those documents that the administrator has approved for them
  • Security policy can be enabled inside a document (e-mail attachment) – document is removed after a set period, option to open the document in external applications, option to open the document offline etc.
  • User or document activity monitoring – detailed reports, full-text document search, IT can access administration from mobile device (limited functions)
  • Outlook plugin – with this plugin it is possible to convert an attachment to required size (which solves the problem of too large attachments),with options to set the policy for attachments (request login, password authorization) and set a date for attachment expiration
  • ShareFile Desktop – option to work with documents in the OS Windows or MAC native environment. Synchronization means that all data is updated on all devices.