Citrix brings a secure and controlled authorized applications distribution

A central element of the Citrix EMM solution is Worx. It is a series of applications enabling communication between the device and internal systems and servers.

Native Citrix applications

  • Worxmail – email, calendar, address book
  • Worxhome – basic application for communication between the device and internal servers
  • Worxweb – internal and external web browser
  • ShareFile – document sharing

What can be done with the applications

IT can publish applications in WorxStore and allow or limit access to specific applications for individuals or groups. Applications are easily removed in case of device loss or theft.

Easy application modification for Worx environment

Application developers and companies can modify their applications to be compatible with Worx environment. All applications (including Windows and SaaS) can then be accessible from the company app store.

Further development of business applications

aplikace citrix

Citrix is intensively developing its own proprietary applications as a reaction to the popularity of some publicly available applications (e.g. Evernote). Here are some examples.


An application for creating and editing notes that is connected to e-mail and calendar.

  • Enables secure notes writing and sharing.
  • Converts worxmail (e-mail) to notes
  • Connect notes to invitations and sends out to participants
  • Synchronizes with Sharefile to save and synchronize with mobile devices


Another useful application for document, table and presentation development and editing based on the same concept as popular Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

  • Fully editable set of applications
  • Allows to create, view and edit MS Office documents
  • Supports a wide range of formats – doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, txt
  • Option to track changes such as who edited or commented on the document
  • Offline mode


This application allows users to work with files and applications stored on their computer.

  • Remote desktop accessible from a mobile device including applications
  • Displays last used applications and documents
  • Virtual desktop
  • Secure access to remote intranet desktop
  • Screen optimization

For each of these applications there is a free alternative (QuickOffice, Google Office) with identical functions. But only Citrix is able to deliver uniform internal control and security policy for data and applications.

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