Enterprise Mobility services from local suppliers for multinational corporations

Just like other portable devices, the mobile phone is an effective work tool and an essential part of the virtual office. However, before it becomes an effective and secure work tool, it must be adapted to the company’s requirements and integrated into its IT environment.

When utilizing internal resources, the purchasing and configuration of mobile devices for a company with dozens or even hundreds of employees is an almost unsolvable problem. For a normal IT department, having to unpack and set up every device means several weeks’ work. 

The solution is to find a global supplier who can provide services, primarily user support, added value on a local level with regard to language, time zone etc.

One such supplier is Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA), which provides its services via local partners who are customer-oriented and equipped with top-notch technology. The partner for companies in Central and Eastern Europe is the Brno company System4u.

Practical example:

In one multinational corporation, a requirement arose to replace the employees’ phones in all 12 branches, which are located worldwide. The parent company contacted GEMA with this requirement, and it in turn divided it among its partners, according to the locations of the corporation’s branches.

The Czech partner, System4u, was given charge of the branches in Central and Eastern European countries, of which there were 5 in total. We should mention that a period of just one week was stipulated for the ordering, setup and sending of almost 500 phones.

System4u’s work, step by step:

  • Ordering the devices
  • First configuration from the console (EMEI) – before their physical receipt
  • Unpacking, charging, inserting SIM cards 
  • Other necessary settings 
  • Gluing on the front and rear cover with the company logo
  • Inspection
  • Insertion of letter, packing, sending to the end user

System4u’s first step was to order the devices; thanks to the technology used, it was possible to begin configuring them even before their physical receipt. All they needed was the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), i.e. the phone’s unique number which System4u received from the device supplier in advance.

Thus, the initial setup took place easily in a console without the need to have physical access to the phones, which saved a considerable amount of time.

Even so, it was necessary to make the end users’ work as easy as possible, so there was no choice but to actually take the phones into their hands. The technicians in System4u opened every box, charged the phone, inserted the SIM card and performed the subsequent necessary final setup steps manually. They then checked everything a few more times, put the phone back in the box, packed it, and sent it to the specific end user. 

The package included a welcome letter in the language of the country which the device was destined for. The letter not only described in detail the steps which the user must still take, but also included contact details, including a telephone number and e-mail address, for technical support in System4u. Contact details for an actual natural person who will help to solve the problem immediately, not an anonymous automaton or assistant. And in the local language, too, of course.

The configuration of all the devices in GEMA’s other partner companies took place in the same way, and within a week of the order being placed, all of the business users’ phones were fully operational. 

The primary task of GEMA and its members is to make the path for companies to transform the traditional workplace into a digital workplace easier, and to provide the end user with 100% support, immediately and for the entire lifespan of their mobile device. 

The company thus gains:

  • efficiently working employees (option of working anywhere, anytime) 
  • savings in resources and increased productivity in the IT department
  • better and more modern services for customers
  • a head start on the competition 

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