Our services for the public sector

Our services for the public sector

In the public sector, we are pursuing efforts to introduce digital platforms and applications that allow citizens and businesses easier and faster access to government services. The move to cloud platforms for data storage and application operation is a growing topic. We expect to see the progressive use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve efficiency and automate routine tasks in various areas of public administration, including document management, data processing or automation of decision-making processes. There is an increased focus on cyber security due to threats that can compromise sensitive information and public sector infrastructure. The trend is also towards providing public data and information in machine-readable form through open data portals. The use of IoT technologies to create smart cities and more efficient use of resources such as transport, energy, and waste management leads to improved living standards for citizens.


Take a look at who we have worked for in the public administration:

Antonínská Primary School

We helped the primary school to set up the tablets for pupils and teachers – all they had to do was switch them on and they could work straight away.

Facilities management for the gas distributor

Mobile device management, technical support.

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Alena Valeckova

Alena Valeckova

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