Retail and services

Retail and services

Digitalisation and the use of different sales channels and ways of interacting with customers are a priority for retailers and service providers. As well as improving the user experience through mobile apps and digital platforms and using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse customer behaviour and deliver personalised offers. IoT (Internet of Things) is used to track inventory and analyze customer behavior. RFID tags and sensors are implemented to monitor inventory and improve the supply chain. Contactless payments and contactless technologies are becoming increasingly popular, especially in response to the increased importance of hygiene and security in payments. Data analytics and business intelligence are key to understanding customer preferences, buying behaviour trends and managing business operations more effectively.


See who we have worked for in the retail and service industry:


We’ve made it easy for Alberta to manage thousands of devices

Super Panda Circus

The experience app in the famous Brno bar runs on Samsung tablets, which we manage remotely.

BlueLink – Air France Group

We designed and developed a fun mobile app for employees that promotes loyalty and commitment to the company.


For remote management of 650 mobile phones, the company needs only one operator who monitors and configures all phones



Implementation of a modern identity management solution, signle sign on and multifactor authentication. Endpoint management and support. Migration to AWS.



Modern Identity Management Solution, Single Sign On, Adaptive Multifactor Authentication

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