Mobile solution (EMM/MDM) is a comprehensive solution for managing mobile devices (BYOD as well as internal), mobile applications and internal documents.

Mobile solutions (EMM) are used to integrate mobile devices into the corporate infrastructure so that the employees can work quickly and effectively on their smartphone or tablet.

These mobile platforms offer a unique opportunity to increase the productivity of your business while providing a safe environment to work with corporate data.

EMM/MDM solutions:


EMM/MDM solution support and management

System4u’s service offering includes comprehensive support and management for all system implementations. For maximum customer satisfaction we offer both call center as well as e-mail support. Furthermore, we offer so-called “remote support” where we can work on a problem resolution through a web application.

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What we offer:

  • Regular testing of your mobile solutions and a wide range of products according to your requirements
  • Free consultation including needs analysis and appropriate solution selection
  • EMM/MDM licensing
  • A highly qualified team of professionals certified by technology developers (MobileIron, Citrix, Samsung Knox, BES 10)
  • EMM/MDM implementation and initial system setup and testing
  • Mobile device and data protection strategy consultation and recommendation
  • Mobile application deployment and user management
  • Company system integration (e.g. Intranet, SharePoint, PKI)
  • Regular training and updates on EMM/MDM solutions
  • Customer service and support

Mobile solutions can help solve the issue of corporate mobility. They offer device security as well as simple management and administration.

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