MobileIron offers a comprehensive solution for managing mobile devices, mobile applications and business documents.

This technology will enable your employees to work on their favorite mobile devices without compromising the security of company data.

MobileIron offers a unique opportunity to increase employee productivity and provide a secure environment for corporate data.

What is MobileIron used for?

  • Data loss prevention (DLP) from incorrect data manipulation or loss
  • Central mobile application management and adaptation to the mobile environment
  • Device and data control and supervision
  • Compliance with internal policies for device, application and document usage

What will you get with MobileIron

  • Satisfied users

You will enable them to use both private and corporate devices when working with corporate data and applications, all in a secure environment where you can clearly define the rules for using documents and applications. Users can access all data anywhere anytime.

  • Higher productivity

Your employees gain greater work flexibility and your IT department the necessary control over how data and applications are used. IT can enforce the required settings and security policies for any given user, mobile application or specific document.

Why MobileIron is so popular

The main reason is its flexibility in relation to:

  • Type of mobile device (smart phones, tablets)
  • Operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac)
  • Type of implementation (internal implementation, cloud solution)
  • Number of users – from 5 to 100,000
  • Company-specific system management requirements

System4u is the only company to have received Iron Partner status in the Czech Republic

System4u has achieved the highest level of partnership with MobileIron – Iron Partner. As a result we are able to ensure very high service levels and professional customer service. Our team of professionals carries out the implementation and installation of the entire system, including the training of your administration staff.

For more information request a free consultation.

MobileIron dominated the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2015


The significance of MobileIron platform was recently recognized by the technology and research advisory firm Gartner. In this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant MobileIron was listed for the fifth year running among the best companies in the market and reached the very top level for the criterion “Completeness of vision” meaning it has a comprehensive strategy for the overall technology with a clear vision for the future.

To download the report click here.

Mobile strategy as a key to further business development

MobileIron seeks to spread mobile strategy at the global level. With its Making MobileFirst campaign it tries to highlight the need to reevaluate current IT strategies and focus on mobile devices as a key element in future organization development. To find out more click here.

MobileIron video:

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