Android For Work – secure Android in corporate environment

Google introduced Android for Work which should encourage corporate customers to use Android devices in corporate environment. Thanks to Android for Work it is possible to separate personal and corporate data and follow the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend where the IT department can allow employees to use their own mobile device for work.

The main feature is duplication of the user profile on OS Android device. Work data will be encrypted and maintained remotely using EMM. The employer can only manage corporate data, it is not possible to view or delete personal user data.

Android for Work offers the following functions:

  • Work profile – work and personal data separation with an encrypted corporate container
  • Work applications – applications managed by the IT department include secure e-mail, calendar, address book and documents
  • Google Play for Work – corporate applications management separated from the private applications and managed by the IT department


Work applications are marked with a briefcase in orange circle – see picture


Android For Work


Supported Android versions:

Users with the Lollipop version can create a work profile directly in their device, users with versions from Ice Cream Sandwich to KitKat will have to download the Android for Work application.

Differences between Android versions can be seen on fig. 2




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