Each application has its own secure container with encrypted data protected from unauthorized access.


Application can only be accessed by the administrator, who can easily remove the application and its content from the device.

Users work with a variety of applications that need to be able to communicate with each other. The applications are connected via AppConnect and their containers can synchronize with each other and exchange information. This utility also enables sharing policies such as Single Sign-On or sharing documents.

AppConnect creates containers using SDK (Software Development Kit) or using the wrap method (wrapper iOS, Android).

For the purposes of application management the applications are also connected to MobileIron via a central panel.

What can also be managed:

  • Authorization – user identity setup with user name and password (also certificates) in a way that enables access only to authorized users
  • Single Sign-On – sign-on to multiple applications without the need to repeatedly enter user information for each application
  • Settings – IT can set the device in the background without direct interaction with the user
  • Encryption – all data on the device are protected
  • DLP control – setting the right policy for data loss protection – i.e. limit the Copy/Paste and Print options so that sensitive data cannot leave the container
  • Reports – offers full overview of the application use
  • Wipe– remote application data wipe without interfering with personal information

AppConnect will create an encrypted container where the applications are running with the corporate data. These applications can mutually communicate.