MobileIron Apps@Work is a comprehensive solution for corporate mobile applications.

The basic applications include access to internal network, encryption of stored data and remote application configuration.

Native MobileIron application

Two important elements for mobile applications

All applications are further connected to MobileIron via a central panel for easy service and management.

What can be managed:

  • Authorization – user identity settings with user name and password (also certificate) in a way that only allows access to authorized users
  • Single Sign-On – option to sign on to a certain set of applications in the contaier with out the need to use the password everytime an application is opened
  • Settings – IT can set the device in the background without direct interaction with the user
  • Encryption – protection of all date stored on the device
  • DLP control – data protection policy – i.e. blocking the Copy/Paste or Print option, so that sensitive data cannot leave the container
  • Reports – offers complete overview of the use of individual applications
  • Wipe option – remote data removal from an application without interfering with personal data