MobileIron offers corporate data protection in the cloud

MobileIron Content Security Service

These days companies often face data leaks or loss due to employee “comfort” as corporate data are stored in personal cloud storage belonging to the employee. Employees are avoiding IT restrictions to be able to work with corporate data outside of the office. Now MobileIron offers Content Security Service to secure corporate data in the cloud.

MobileIron Content Service Security works as a gateway which encrypts each document which is used in any personal cloud. Content Security Service offers not only document security but also EMM platform integration. The organization can than decide where and for how long can the documents be stored.

With Content Security Service the employees have the freedom to store their work documents in their favourite personal cloud.

MobileIron Content Security Service protects documents in cloud storage with the following 5 functions:

  1. Encryption and key management: Content Security Service encrypts corporate documents when they are stored in personal cloud and sets policies that prevents unauthorized use.
  2. Data Loss Prevention controls: Content Security Service allows to set document expiration policies followed by document removal. It also enables control over document uploads and downloads as well as edits and sharing.
  3. Secure sharing: Employees can share documents with other users on authorized devices.
  4. Activities trail: Content Security Service offers a comprehensive documents overview to show which documents were shared, who accessed them and on what device they were displayed.
  5. EMM integration: Content Security Service is integrated with MobileIron EMM platform which maintains consistent user, group and organizations views. It is integrated with MobileIron Docs@Work on iOS and Android devices where security policies are enforced.

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MobileIron Content Security Service

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