The mobile platform has two basic levels of functionality.

On one side there is the user and on the other corporate IT, which needs to provide security and management services for both devices and applications.

Mobile device user

The employee wants to use the device for work purposes. He/she first needs to download the MobileIron application client (Mobile@Work), which automatically sets up and secures the device. From that moment the employee has company e-mail, Wi-Fi, VPN and intranet access via a web browser. Data access is protected by passwords and digital certificates.

MobileIron creates an invisible secure container inside the device that protects all data and separates personal and corporate information. Each application downloaded from the company App store is automatically placed in this secure container. MobileIron checks the access rights for the application and sets the correct policy. The user only needs a single password to access all applications he/she needs (Single Sign-On).

MobileIron protects data not only directly on the device but also in transit between the device and the internal network. Corporate data can travel freely between applications inside the container but cannot be used in a private or unsecure environment. All data is sent through a secure gateway MobileIron Sentry, which verifies the data and enables their sharing.

In case the employee downloads a third-party application that could be a threat to corporate data, MobileIron detects the unauthorized application, removes all corporate data and blocks access to the corporate network. Once the application is uninstalled, the data flow and corporate network access is renewed.
This way the employee is more productive as he/she can work on his/her favorite mobile device anywhere and the company does not need to worry about data security.

IT administrator

MobileIron is the right choice in the journey towards becoming a Mobile First company. This means that your employees are working on their favorite mobile devices, use their favorite applications and most of all have a secure access to all important corporate data..

Using MobileIron technology you can manage both corporate and private mobile devices and secure work with corporate data and documents.

With MobileIron all devices are easy to set up. The user gains a secure access to corporate e-mail, internal web and mobile applications as well as internal documents. Furthermore – using the central MobileIron Core console – the IT department is able to set the correct policies for using mobile device and internal documents without the need to modify the operation system directly on the device.

By using a secure and invisible container on the device all data is protected and connected to the MobileIron Core server, which requires authorization to work with internal applications or documents.

With MobileIron employees acquire flexibility and higher productivity through being able to work on their mobile devices.