Join the trend in adopting the Making Mobile First philosophy

MobileIron has recently launched a new campaign called Making Mobile First Enterprise, in which it explains the benefits of mobile corporate infrastructure to business users.

Given the growing influence of mobile devices not only for private purposes, but also for business use, their mission has a clear vision – to bring higher productivity to companies and employees while maintaining maximum data security.

Mobile First can be used by any company regardless of its size and number of employees. Corporate mobility is no longer a prospect in the distant future. On the contrary, it is successfully gaining ground in large and medium-sized businesses worldwide.

The main goal is to afford maximum comfort to users by giving them a way to use their favorite mobile device while the company benefits from productive employees whether they are sitting in the office or traveling around the world.

mobile first journey

New demands on application

In the past access to email was enough. Today users require much more. They expect access to applications, business transactions, customer reactions, they simply want to know everything that is going on with the company at any given moment.

A new era when mobile devices are beginning to edge out desktops and laptops

We are beginning to talk about a new era of Mobile First – a world, where every business process can be monitored, analyzed and processed on the user’s device of choice, in a secure environment that preserves full user comfort. It is all connected to the fact that mobile devices offer the same comfort as a computer and are much more portable.

Why become a Mobile First company?

Mobile First companies are more productive and competitive. They can create their own concept of how people work. IT facilities and specialists are no longer the driving force of technology development – the revolution was started by users themselves, who now dictate a clear direction for mobility.

MOBILE FIRST is changing the understanding of technology development

MobileFirst is a revolution in the world of IT (ICT). In 2011 the sales of smartphones overtook sales of computers and this change is an indicator of the direction that mobility development is taking. This means that IT needs to focus much more on mobile devices and create new technologies (software and hardware) to support this development. Mobile platform architecture and operating systems are beginning to come closer to those common for traditional computers. This trend is spreading from users to developers, programmers and designers of both web pages as well as mobile applications that need to adapt to these signals.

Simply put, MobileFirst transforms companies into modern organizations that fully utilize the potential of mobile devices. As a result employees can access key company activities on any device in the secure environment to which they are accustomed. Making Mobile First can change the way of work with the options of remote control, support and maintenance.

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