This technology is used for working with non-wrapped applications and third-party applications (Google Play, App store).

MobileIron Tunnel is able to control user access and secure data moving between the device and corporate infrastructure – all of that without the need for VPN.

MobileIron provides the option to launch applications using a micro VPN, but the majority of clients does not want to use VPN for every application. Tunnel offers an alternative by creating an individual secure space for connecting the application’s container and the corporate network.

Tunnel is created by the MobileIron Sentry technology, which monitors the entire process using a secure gateway for Active Sync email.

Tunnel creates a tunnel and at the same time controls application access to protect the data on the move between the device and corporate infrastructure without VPN.

Tunnel offers several levels of security

  • Unique connection – the connection is created only for authorized applications, users and devices.
  • Certificate-based authorization – protects from hacker attacks, especially man-in-the-middle.
  • Rules-based access – the network access is blocked if an application is considered to be compromised.

Tunnel creates an encrypted tunnel between the device and MobileIron server for access to the internal as well as external network. The Tunnel can be used by applications provided by MobileIron (Web@Work, Email+), third party applications (Touchdown/Divide) or applications custom-developed in-house.

Tunnel eliminates the need to use VPN as well as the risks associated with having VPN connected to the entire device as opposed to specific applications. Access to the secure corporate container can be regulated by a password.

Tunnel offers an option to use an encrypted tunnel (per-app VPN) for any iOS application – public or in-house. That’s why it is possible to enable secure communication for any application, not only for those modified to run in the AppConnect environment.

At the moment only available for iOS!!!