System4u has changed to the join stock company System4u a.s.

We are informing our partners that as per 21 June 2017, the legal form of System4u s.r.o. has changed to the joint stock company System4u a.s. and the change was entered in the Companies Register of the Regional Court in Brno. Transformation of Business Companies and Cooperatives, as amended by subsequent regulations.  The project of transforming System4u s.r.o. was sent to the collection of deeds of the Companies Register of the Regional Court in Brno on 30 May 2017, and at the same time, it was published on, in the section About Us.

The transformation not only reflects the successes of the company, but also creates the prerequisites for its future development. It also aims at motivating employees to engage in the growth of the company and bring even more professional customer service to its clients through the shareholders’ scheme.

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