Our story

Our firm was founded twelve years ago. We started in a small rented room in downtown Brno and today we are among the leaders in IT services in our market.

How did we get where we are today?

 Our story

The three of us have been friends for more than twenty years. Our wives and children are friends too which makes our lives interconnected not only on professional but also on personal level. And based on this friendship and trust we built our firm System4u.

In summer 2004 we were sitting in a park, drinking beer and discussing all kinds of ideas how to make a living together. Although each of us has a different background, we agreed that the future was in IT and that was going to be core of our business. We left the comfort of large corporations and regular income and threw ourselves into the unknown waters of entrepreneurship.

From our corporate experience we knew of IT solutions which were not available to small firms and we started to offer cloud services at a time when almost no one knew what the cloud actually was. We bought a bunch of old servers, squeezed into a small room in Brno city centre expecting an avalanche of e-mail from future customers – which failed to arrive. We decided to extend our services to general IT support services and added a proprietary service package for law firms both of which are still included in our service portfolio.

Yet it still did not feel right. And then came an offer and with it a great leap forward. We were approached by T-mobile. Apparently they realized we have potential and liked our enthusiasm so they offered us to team up with them on support and management of BlackBerry – back then a brand new technology which brought us to path of enterprise mobility management (EMM, MDM).

Our punk times – when we took it easy – were over. We employed IT professionals and became serious entrepreneurs partnering with many Czech and international companies. We were ISO 9001 and 27001 certified and can confidently say that we became one of the market leaders in enterprise mobility.

We have been operating for more than ten years and feel we have a great potential to grow. All that thanks to our friendship and people around us.

And this story is about:

Edward Plch. Traveller, mountain climber and speleologist, lawyer by education. He deals with everything regarding enterprise mobility, system integration and architecture to best fit the client needs.

David Perina – as business school graduate he switched to managing programmers as well as IT support. He oversees datacenter infrastructure, hosting services and development for our company and also for clients. His hobby are databases in the entire lifecycle – from coding to data server performance tuning. In his spare time he loves to travel, dance and he won’t look down at a good book.

Martin Kolacek – He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering University radioelectronics. Thanks to following job opportunities he qualified in financial management and he still applies it in System4u. His passion is sailing and traveling, where is mixed adventure, freedom and respect for the natural environment.


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