BlueLink increases employee loyalty with the help of an application from System4u

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The people in BlueLink International CZ came up with an original solution to strengthen the loyalty of existing employees. They had System4u develop a web application – a game in which workers earn points that they can later exchange for rewards.

The company, based in Prague, is part of Air France Group. It deals with airline ticket reservations, handling complaints regarding delayed or damaged baggage, and employee loyalty programs. It employs more than 600 people in 50 countries worldwide.

The local HR specialists were well aware that recruiting new employees is costly and time consuming. That’s why they looked for ways of retaining workers as long as possible. And they came up with an unusual idea – a loyalty game. People fulfill routine tasks in a fun way which improves the mood of the team.

After dozens of hours on preparations spent in BlueLink, they found out what their colleagues would find entertaining, and approached the game as a supporting tool for company benefit programs.

Searching for suppliers

They then began searching for a supplier for the web application and announced a tender procedure, for which four companies applied. System4u impressed them the most, because the idea was to set the game in an aviation environment, which perfectly suited the field in which BlueLink operates. The HR managers were also interested in the imaginative graphics and in pastel colors, which were very different from the other proposals.

The game is situated in an aviation environment.

The people in BlueLink knew the purpose of the application, but didn’t have a precise idea of how it would work. That’s why it was up to the developers in System4u to develop the concept into the individual parts of the game.

“It often happens that the client comes with a general assignment. This is understandable because they’re not a web or mobile application specialist. I recommend that such clients verify whether their supplier can work with that and propose a solution independently. Many developers need completely precise instructions which they just have to fulfill to a T.”

Jiří Brusenbauch, Head of Developers, System4u

How does the game work?

The application, which is called Around the World, begins with the selection of an avatar and his/her balloon, helicopter or other flying vehicle. After that, tasks which are designated in the game as flying trips await the player. Employees can choose from a long list of options.

For example, they can:

  • submit feedback about training,
  • suggest improvements,
  • organize a team building,
  • train a newbie,
  • fill in a survey.
Players select their avatar and his/her means of transport.

When they fulfill a task, they mark it in the application as completed. The ambassadors, who are mainly team and division chiefs, check and confirm it. According to the difficulty of the task, employees are then awarded a specific number of air miles. They can then exchange these for rewards of their choice, for example a free lunch, a day off, a more advantageous MultiSport card etc. It’s up to them whether they want to choose a larger number of smaller ones, or wait and invest the collected miles in a big reward.

One of the rewards is a free pizza.

Features from developers

In order to make the game as attractive for the employees as possible, the System4u developers addedgaming elementsto it. One of them is a large map which leads from Prague through locations where the company has branches. With every mile collected, the players move across this map, and receive an extra reward when they reach a new city. They also see where their colleagues are on the map, and they can compete with them.

Thanks to the map, the players can easily see how far they have progressed.

When the player is starting off, they see the Prague panorama on the main screen. But as soon as they touch down in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is waiting for them on the screen. Another neat trick is that the sky changes according to the time of day – when the employee is fulfilling a task early in the morning, they see the sunrise, while in the evening they see a stellar sky.

The introductory screen changes according to how far the player has progressed in the game.

Other gaming elements which System4u has incorporated into the application include player rankings and the option of forming teams with colleagues in order to gain points faster.

It’s even for job seekers

Job applicants can participate in the game, too. Unlike permanent workers, their list of tasks is limited; for example, they receive air miles for sending a CV or writing a short text about BlueLink’s activity. The advantage is that thanks to the game, the company distinguishes itself from others even during recruitment, and captures potential employees’ attention.

Employees enjoy the game

The actual creation of the application took a year. The subsequent commencement of live operation was problem-free. In the first six months, approximately half of the employees became involved. The game entertains and motivates them.

Management’s active participation is still being fine-tuned in the company. The managers promised to get involved, but so far their gaming activity has not been very visible.

“If any company wants to include a similar project among employee benefits, I would recommend that they carry out proper research among the company’s management and employees. That’s the only way to find out what the people in the company would enjoy, thanks to which the project will make sense. It’s also necessary to properly explain to employees why they should get involved. After all, the game must be interesting in the sense that everyone has a chance to win, that it’s just about their own initiative and desire.”

Matěj Kubíček, Recruitment Department, BlueLink

The people in BlueLink recommend working with System4u programmers. They’re able to fulfill clients’ requirements, come up with their own creative ideas, offer advice, and complement the application with suitable graphics.

Use the game to increase employee loyalty

Do you also want your own web or mobile application for your employees? You’ll determine its purpose, while System4u will help you to invent it and takes care of the development, including subsequent service. For more information, contact the company with no obligation at or at +420 543 210 522.

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