Drivers send travel reports from Europe through appdeveloped by System4u

  • Company CEE Logistics a.s.
  • Number of employees 501+

Almost 400 CEE Logistics a.s. trucks, one of the most important Czech transport and logistics companies, transport goods every day throughout Europe. Thanks to the company’s mobile application, the company can easily obtain documents from their drivers on the road. CEE Logistics a.s. can also use MDM system (Mobile Device Management), which ensures data security and easy collective management of phones.

It all began with the decision to introduce the widespread use of smart phones. From the beginning, management knew that the use of telephones must be meaningful and the company would have to be able to manage how they are used.

The idea of creating an application for drivers came from one of the branch managers. The purpose of the proposed application was to obtain transport documents from drivers in the shortest possible time. The original procedure was that the employee submitted the necessary documents only after returning to the branch, or faxing them from a petrol station.

These documents also served as the basis for calculating salaries. Accelerating the flow of documents contributes to a more efficient processing of invoicing documents and the above-mentioned salary calculation.

All from one supplier

CEE Logistics a.s. selected a partner who would ensure not only the creation of this application, but also subsequent management, service and possible further development.

“We were deliberately looking for an established company that we could trust. Four Czech companies were in play. But not all of them offered mobile phone management and Mobile Device Management was another of our requirements. Price was also an important criterion. System4u fully met all our requirements.“ Michal Kaňuka, IT Manager, CEE Logistics a.s.

Benefits of the application

The deployment itself was very fast. Everything was set up and launched within one month. In terms of implementation, due to the large number of devices, the most demanding part was taking them out of circulation, replacing them and then pairing them.

The main task of the application is to get the necessary documents from the drivers in the shortest time to the persons who process the data. This concerns not only document on transport, but also photo documentation of possible damages and claims. By getting the documents into the right hands in time, CEE Logistics a.s. provides better service and responds to individual customer requirements during transportation. Possible non-delivery is no longer a burden for administrative workers.

“The changes that came with the introduction of application are very positive. Whoever works regularly with people knows how demanding this work is. But our drivers have responded and are still responding great. Working with the application is not complicated, the system is intuitive. Thanks to the application, the persons responsible for processing the documentation obtain complete base documents on time and this greatly simplifies their work.” Michal Kaňuka, IT Manager, CEE Logistics a.s.

Application for CEE Logistics a.s. has also become one of the competitive advantages in gaining new clients.

Only two administrators

In addition to the company’s application, the logistics company also uses the MDM system Samsung Knox, which was also supplied by System4u. MDM keeps your company data safe. Only two internal administrators manage nearly 400 phones in multiple languages.

Employee telephones at CEE Logistics a.s. are equipped with eleven applications in MDM mode. These include tailor-made applications, a driver manual, fuel manual, Viber and more.

Drivers use the application for sending transport documents, photo documentation and can better respond to individual requests while transporting goods.
Samsung Knox is a tool for simplifying the initial set-up and advanced data security on Samsung corporate mobile phones and tablets. The technology directs employees how to put their mobile device in service in just a few minutes, according to the employer’s requirements.

The application as the first step

The application has proven to be very useful for the logistics company, which is why they are planning further expansion. The application should also be used to send:

  • maps for loading,
  • any missing documentation,
  • forms and other materials.

In the future, they plan to link applications directly to internal software to optimize costs and enable faster conversion of documents to customer platforms.

“Whether it was at the beginning of the collaboration, when developing the application, or at the moment when we are dealing with subsequent service and management, the people from System4u were very helpful, willing and flexible. If you’re also considering a business app, don’t worry about it – the system is proven and the application is programmed to meet your needs.” Michal Kaňuka, IT Manager, CEE Logistics a.s.

Taking full advantage of mobile devices brings a competitive advantage to businesses across industries. To take advantage of it too, no strings attached, please contact us and we will find a solution to save you time and money together.

CEE Logistics uses

Samsung Knox

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