The IDOT (Intune Device Onboarding Tool) saved IT technicians in a large manufacturing company a lot of work.

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In a Czech manufacturing company, all of the employees use mobile phones for their work.
They run applications on them which are essential for the company’s operation. The applications, and their updates, are delivered to the phones thanks to Enterprise Mobility Management technology.

The company’s management instigated a transition to Microsoft 365 cloud services.

Up to now, the MobileIron EMM technology was installed on all company mobile devices, of which there are almost 1,000. Thanks to it, all company applications and their updates were distributed to all mobile devices remotely and reliably.

“The company’s management decided that we will switch completely to Microsoft 365 cloud services within 3 months,” says an IT technician in this manufacturing company. “In our IT department, just 2 employees look after all the company mobile devices. So to arrange a transition from MobileIron technology to Microsoft Intune in such a short time was really a major challenge.”

Microsoft Intune is one of Microsoft’s cloud services, thanks to which it is possible to remotely bulk manage and secure all company mobile devices. An encrypted tunnel ensures secure access to the company network, and it is also possible to remotely delete all data on the device if it is lost or stolen.

Huge time savings

“We couldn’t imagine that, during the transition from MobileIron technology to Microsoft Intune, we would have to remotely delete work applications from all phones, install new technology and then reload the applications.   This step would be very complicated, because our company contains several divisions, each using different applications and approaches. Work would basically stop, which would result in a loss for the company,” says one of the two IT department employees who look after the mobile devices.

That’s why it was necessary to find the fastest possible solution, which would help the company transition smoothly to Microsoft Intune.

For this purpose, System4u, which has long dealt with Enterprise Mobility Management technologies, offered its own IDOT (Intune Device Onboarding Tool). IDOT is a migration tool for an easy transition from the existing EMM to Microsoft Intune. Thanks to it, every mobile device user will manage to log out of the original EMM and onboard to MS Intune. IDOT will intuitively guide them through the entire process, and the administrator merely monitors its progress.

“We installed the IDOT application from System4u, as well as the MS Intune Portal application, on all phones using the existing EMM MobileIron. Every user received a notification on their phone that both applications are ready, as well as the date by which they must perform all the necessary steps to log out of MobileIron and log in to MS Intune. Everyone chose the time most suitable for them, when they didn’t need the phone for work. And we in the administrator console could easily monitor IDOT, and see who already performed the migration, who is still hesitating, and who might need help with something.”

Every user managed it

In the end, the company managed the transition from the existing EMM to MS Intune even faster than originally planned. All of the almost 1,000 mobile phone users managed the migration in less than 5 weeks.

“Even though some of our employees were worried about it, in the end there were only a few of them who needed our help with the migration. The IDOT tool from System4u really is intuitive; it guided every mobile phone user through the process of uninstalling the old software and onboarding to MS Intune step by step, and the entire process didn’t take anyone more than half an hour.”

The IDOT application properly logged all users out of MobileIron, which ensured the secure deletion of all no longer needed applications, as well as data connected with the original EMM. After logging in to administration under Intune, both the application and the data were automatically restored to their device, and they could continue with their work. The transition to the new EMM technology was complete.

Ideal for every company switching to Microsoft cloud services.

Is your company also switching to Microsoft services? The IDOT tool, developed by System4u, will help you easily switch to EMM MS Intune. Every mobile device user will easily manage the migration, and the IT department merely monitors the entire process from the administrator console.







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