Project offering discounted phones with instant access to mobile banking

  • Company MOPET CZ plc

Clients of Česká spořitelna, who bought a mobile phone as part of a special promotion from June to August 2019, had access to their mobile internet banking immediately after their smartphone was activated. They did not have to search and download the application and they did not have to install or configure anything. Thanks to Samsung Knox technology, everything was set up automatically.

Special offer for regular clients

Česká spořitelna is thinking of ways to simplify the use of mobile internet banking for its clients. Therefore, it decided to offer its regular clients a Samsung mobile phone at a discounted price with a pre-installed application for accessing Česká spořitelna mobile internet banking as part of a special campaign running from June to August 2019, in cooperation with its subsidiary MOPET CZ.

The smart phone vendor originally thought that they would have to manually unpack, set up and install the mobile application on each phone and then shut it back down again and repack it. However, Samsung’s official distributor for the Czech Republic has pointed out the Samsung Knox technology can be used to set up the phone remotely without unpacking it. As the only Samsung Knox implementer in the Czech Republic, our company, System4u, got the contract.

Administrator console where everything is set up

How did it work in practice? System4u’s engineers in cooperation with MOPET CZ deployed the Samsung Knox administrator console and taught employees how to work with it. Responsible people from MOPET CZ remotely configured the mobile phones, which clients ordered as part of the special offer, on their computers. An application for internet banking access was installed on the device without having to have the phones physically present.

The only condition was that the salesperson uploaded the IMEI of the devices sold to the Samsung Knox console. Nothing more is needed – MOPET CZ traced and set up the phone based on the serial number. This solution did not place any demands on the client the first time the phone was started, and the Internet connection was configured by the application within a few minutes and was fully operational when Android was launched.

The system has helped hundreds of clients

Hundreds of clients took advantage of the promotional purchase of mobile phones at a discounted price. And they all had the comfort of being able to log in to their internet banking and start using it shortly after starting the phone, without any set-up.

And what’s more, this remote management of phones by MOPET CZ did not invade their privacy. “With the Samsung Knox console, administrators can only install a mobile banking application on their phones – nothing else. In this way the users’ privacy is fully protected, and they can uninstall the application at any time if they want,” said Petra Holubcová, System4u’s Marketing Manager.

“The Samsung Knox solution was indispensable to us as part of the project and ensured that we could provide our clients with the maximum security, convenience and availability of the mobile application. System4u helped us with the implementation and management of the platform, and thanks to their flexibility and expertise, the implementation of this technology was both fast and simple,” added Matouš Eckert, Product Manager of MOPET CZ.

Česká spořitelna is not the only bank that makes mobile technology easier to do business. System4u also helps Raiffeisen Bank, Komerční banka and MONETA Money Bank.

Who have we helped?

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Thanks to the mobile application, the company can easily obtain documents from their drivers on the road.


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