Thanks to the mobile application on Samsung tablets, our guests experience fantastic stories, says Super Panda Circus’s Bar Manager

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Not only do they sell original drinks in the Super Panda Circus bar in Brno – they sell stories. At the entrance, guests receive a tablet with a mobile application and throughout the evening they experience an engaging story through the eyes of one of the five characters they choose at the beginning of the game. And it's up to them how the story ends. The important thing is that everything works perfectly – thanks to remote tablet management from System4u.

An application that changes the way the bar works

Rocker, Samurai, Shaman, Dreamer or Shadow. Behind each of these five characters is a unique story, the development and resolution of which is influenced by the guests themselves – the decisions taken in the game itself and the cocktails they order during the game. They can drink 4-6 drinks throughout the story in total, depending on the character.

“We want the guest to have an exceptional and unique experience from each visit to our bar, which is why we have a mobile app with five characters, five stories and several alternative endings. Even if someone is with us for the tenth time, it‘s still very likely that they’ll experience a completely new evening, with new drinks and a new story line,” explained Michal Nevrlý, the Head Bartender and Bar Manager.

“In the past, we completely redesigned the menu every year, but the regular guests quickly tried of it and their next visits to the bar weren’t special for them anymore. We think the mobile application and the current menu will change this, which we’ve been fine tuning for several months,” said Mr Nevrlý hopefully.

The tablets were supplied by Samsung and are handled by System4u

Experienced artists took care of the graphic side of the mobile application, thus giving an original graphic form to the dreamy collages and characters accompanying the entire story.

The application itself runs on Samsung Galaxy A A10.1 tablets, which were supplied to Panda by Comfor, an authorized Samsung dealer for the Czech Republic. The tablets have a fantastic display, dynamic audio and great battery life, so they can handle the whole evening on a single charge. In order that people from the bar don’t have to worry about the technical side of things, the Samsung Knox remote management system is installed on the tablets, enabling System4u to remotely manage the devices.

 “We make sure that the tablets work, the application is always up to date and the guests always get where they should. The internet and all other applications are blocked on the tablets, so the guests only have access to the Panda application. But if people from the bar would like the possibility of ordering drinks from the tablets in the future, for example, then we’ll simply upload this other application remotely to the tablets,” said Petra Holubcová, Marketing Manager of System4u.

Invisible support that Panda values

System4u’s role is supportive throughout the operation and is practically invisible. The best testimony of the work is that bartenders and managers don’t have to solve any technical problems or outages.

“To tell you the truth, most of us don’t even know who administers our tablets remotely. And that’s actually the best compliment for System4u – the fact that we don’t have to solve any technical problems or outages is a clear indicator that the company is doing a first-class job,” said Mr Nevrlý in closing.

System4u helps companies operating in any field with the management and security of mobile devices.

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