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Antonínská Primary School

We set up a primary school with tablets for pupils and teachers

They get their hands on a new tablet, turn it on, and within a few minutes all the necessary apps are automatically installed and access rights are set. Pupils or teaching assistants at Antonínská Primary School in Brno can now work on 20 new Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets without having to download, install or set up anything themselves. We arranged everything remotely.

We have already helped with the selection of tablets.

Antonínská Primary School is one of the most technologically advanced institutions – since spring 2020 it has been sharing teaching materials or lesson plans on the Google Workspace cloud, so the data is always available online to all pupils and teachers.

The school combines Google Workspace with Edookit and other online services to provide distance learning for its students.

Configured tablets at a reasonable price

But the Covid crisis has shaken the financial situation of some parents, and not all students have their own mobile device to connect to the shared Google Workspace. The school has therefore decided to purchase 20 tablets at its own expense, which will be available to pupils and teaching assistants.

As independent consultants, we helped you choose the right tablet brand and model. The choice fell on Samsung Galaxy Tab A, which met all the needs of students and teaching staff and at the same time matched the financial possibilities of the school. The tablets were then supplied to the school by the IT equipment vendor, Comfor.

We set up all the tablets remotely. So that the school IT technician does not have to unpack each tablet and manually install the necessary applications or set access rights, we have arranged everything remotely in cooperation with school staff using Samsung Knox Manage technology.

Different access rights for educators

For example, we set different access rights for teaching staff and students in the admin console, installed important applications necessary for teaching and disabled the possibility of installing other applications or access to social networks. Thus, tablets with these limitations are for study purposes only and there is no risk of students turning them into a tool for play or entertainment. The advantage is that everything is completely automatic and without user intervention. Pupils or teaching staff just turn on the tablet, connect to Wi-Fi and the device then installs the relevant applications and blocks access where the user is not allowed,” adds Ondřej Kubeček, Sales Director of System4.

In addition, rights settings and restrictions can be changed at any time as needed, all with just a few settings in the Samsung Knox Manage admin console.

The school plans further expansion

Buying twenty tablets was just the beginning. In the future, the Antonínská Primary School plans to continue digitizing its teaching and eventually to create a digital classroom from the equipment currently used by the school’s socially disadvantaged pupils for distance learning, to which it will also purchase additional mobile devices. “We believe that we will be able to work with Comfor and System4u again on the selection of equipment for this classroom and its setup,” concludes Deputy Director Marek Houzar.

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