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DECATHLON has saved a lot of work by switching to mobile phones. Both sales staff and IT technicians.

When a customer walks into a DECATHLON sporting goods store and asks any of the staff about the availability of the selected product, the staff member answers immediately without having to go to the back of the PC or ask colleagues. All the information can be found in the app on your mobile phone. The management of more than 600 mobile phones in Czech stores is handled by System4u – and DECATHLON’s IT department has only minimal worries.

Decathlon MDM

The impetus for the central mobile app came from France

Until a few years ago, DECATHLON employees worked in different ways – some on a company computer or tablet, others on a personal mobile phone. Then, when the request came from the French mother country for everyone to use a central mobile app, the first problems came.

“A lot of people had older versions of the app on their mobile or tablet, which then did not communicate well with the newer ones. In IT, we had no idea how many devices we actually had in the company. And we set up and updated all the mobiles manually. Taking care of it all completely overwhelmed one person, who often didn’t even keep up.”

The situation was unsustainable in the long term, so DECATHLON took a decisive decision. They purchased Samsung mobile phones for their employees and had System4 deploy the technology to manage and secure them in bulk – Samsung Knox Configure.

Decathlon MDM/UEM

Huge time saving

“We had several requirements that we couldn’t compromise on. First of all, the DECATHLON logo should appear and a jingle should play when each phone is switched on. We also wanted to have a uniform wallpaper and lock screen on the mobiles, or for all 13 company apps we use to work correctly. At the same time, we hoped the technology would make the manual work of setting up the phones easier.”

By deploying and setting up Samsung Knox technology, System4u has met these requirements. New phones are automatically configured immediately after launch and employees get access to all the applications they have rights to in their job role. Thanks to these applications, they can, for example, immediately find out the current stock availability of goods or print an invoice directly from the phone.

Decathlon and System4u

The result? Saving a lot of work

There are about 670 mobile phones in DECATHLON stores in the Czech Republic today. If the IT department managed all of them manually, it would take dozens of hours a month. This way, Samsung Knox Configure and System4u customer support handle most things for him.

Ideal for all brick-and-mortar stores

Do you also want your employees on the shop floor or in the field to have access to all the information and not be dependent on a computer or laptop?

“If you are dealing with a similar situation, I have to recommend switching to a mobile solution. Hours of manual setup and updates are reduced, you have visibility over your phones, and people work more efficiently and are happier. In the beginning, the senior staff took some getting used to. It was new to them after years of being on PCs or laptops, but it quickly clicked.”

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