Over 600 devices in are managed remotely from one place.

When a new food delivery driver joins Rohlik, he receives a Samsung A20 or Samsung Galaxy A21 mobile phone from the company, which primarily serves as a tool for using the main company application and as a navigation tool. There are about 650 such phones in the company today. Previously, Rohlik set up and managed the mobiles manually, but now they do it remotely thanks to Samsung Knox technology. A single person can manage all the mobile phones just fine.

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Managing the phones was already too much work

Originally, Rohlik had significantly fewer mobile phones. Therefore, the IT technician manually set up each phone, installed the company applications, secured it and handed it over to the driver. But as the company grew and the number of drivers grew, this approach was no longer sustainable and the technician was so busy managing mobile phones that he could hardly do anything else.

Moreover, the largest online food retailer in the Czech Republic had not yet addressed the separation of work and private agendas, so drivers installed private applications on company phones or went to social networks, which made the operation, management and security of the phones even more complicated.

Samsung Knox brought the solution

Rohlík therefore approached us, System4a, on the recommendation of his mobile phone supplier For Rohlik, we deployed Samsung Knox Configure technology, which allows an IT technician to remotely manage all mobile devices in a single admin interface without having to physically see the device.

Thanks to the Samsung Knox admin console, the IT administrator of Rohlik can remotely manage the phones, for example, remotely install apps, disable internet access, set wallpaper or turn off the phone (useful in case of theft). Moreover, after initial training, the Samsung Knox is operated completely independently and we serve only as technical support.

Purely work phones with a few apps

Thanks to Samsung Knox, Rohlik has professionalized mobile phone management. Each company phone has only three navigation systems installed (from which the driver chooses the one that suits them best), a payment gateway, a fueling app and a company app. That’s all the driver needs to do his or her job; access to the internet or the ability to download other apps is blocked on the phone.

The manual work of managing the phones was reduced to just unpacking the phone from the box, inserting the SIM card, sticking on the protective film and handing it over to the driver. Everything else is handled by the administrator via the Samsung Knox admin console.

Rohlik has tuned the whole life cycle

Corporate mobile phones are now consumer goods, so Rohlik has fine-tuned the entire process from purchase to recycling. When the old phone runs out of battery life, they hand it over for recycling and immediately order a new device. And as soon as they get the IMEI from the supplier, they enter it into Samsung Knox and configure the phone remotely within minutes.

In case of need, Rohlik also has several spare phones ready to be put into circulation immediately. This way, drivers don’t have to wait for anything and can get a new phone, set up exactly the same as the original one, as soon as they return to the branch.

How did they evaluate their cooperation with us?

“Thanks to System4u, who installed Samsung Knox technology on our phones, we have all our phones under control. Our drivers have a reliable working tool and this also makes our customers happier and our drivers’ work more efficient,” says Monika Vejrová from Rohlí

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