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Presentation of the new ŠKODA Karoq – World Dealer Conference

The involvement of other technologies was essential for the smooth running of the rides, in this case it was Samsung S8 phones with Samsung Knox technology. ŠKODA AUTO prepared 220 cars for its test opportunity, each with a Samsung S8 phone pre-installed with ŠKODA AUTO apps and a roadbook that the drivers used to follow their chosen route. The Samsung phone was absolutely the flagship device for this event. However, the prepared phone had to be set up in advance for such an event exactly according to the requirements of the organisers, which can seem like a complicated and time-consuming affair with 220 pieces.

For this purpose, Samsung Knox technology and System4u, the company that technically masters its implementation, have served perfectly. Specifically, it was Samsung Knox Configure for initial phone setup and Samsung Knox Manage for security settings and for the ability to track the current location of the car. All phones were set up remotely from a central console by the technical team.

What were the requirements from ŠKODA AUTO for the setup of the Samsung Knox phones?

  • installing a set of applications and arranging them on the Start screen
  • adding a link to the Road book to the home screen
  • helpdesk contact settings
  • Setting and changing your lock screen and wallpaper
  • automatic launch of the preferred application
  • setting the device language and prohibiting changes
  • time zone setting
  • automatic start of the device when charging
  • wifi profile settings – username and password and prohibition to change it
  • elimination of Google account input
  • prohibiting uninstallation of applications
  • GPS enforcement
  • Bluetooth enforcement
  • prohibit rebooting the device
  • disable USB debugging mode
  • ban screenshot
  • ban on receiving and sending SMS and MMS
  • to completely lock the device – prohibit changing Settings settings
  • OS Upgrade and Factory Reset ban
  • Multiple user mod restrictions
  • no hot-spot functionality – BT, WIFI, USB
  • prohibition of biometric functionalities – fingerprint, etc.

Thanks to Samsung Knox technology, System4 was able to significantly reduce the setup time of 220 phones to just 2 days.

Such a strict device setup is very time consuming. Phones or tablets were already used in car testing in the previous year. However, there was no way to easily set up such requirements automatically and so it took a team of 8 administrators 5 full days to set up. Using Samsung Knox technology this year, this time has been significantly reduced to just 2 days by a team of 2 people from System4u, the company that is implementing Samsung Knox technology into devices used in the work environment. All this, of course, with the support of specialists from ŠKODA AUTO’s subsidiary Digiteq automotive.

What were the main benefits of using Samsung Knox technology in this test event?

  • simplify and speed up the setup of a large number of phones
  • possibility to dynamically change the device during testing
  • use of a roadbook on each device with a route plan
  • instant location of each vehicle
  • pre-installed apps on the device – Skoda Connect, etc.
  • to lock your phone settings
  • 24 hour support from System4u

Drivers only need a phone to work

Despite the fact that this test event was mainly about cars, it must be said that the event was also attractive thanks to the cooperation with Samsung and System4u. The drivers found everything they needed on their Samsung phone during the test drive, they didn’t have to flip through a stack of papers, everything was at their fingertips and the organisers were in control of the cars. In addition, it was possible to remotely change the phone settings each day according to the needs of the organizers, which took a minimum of time thanks to Samsung Knox technology.

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