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Super Panda Circus

Thanks to the app on Samsung tablets, our guests experience amazing stories

The Super Panda Circus bar in Brno doesn’t just sell original drinks. They sell stories. Guests are given a tablet with a mobile app at the entrance and during the evening they experience a compelling story through the eyes of one of five characters they choose at the beginning of the game. And it’s up to him how the story ends. The important thing is that everything works perfectly – also thanks to System4’s remote tablet management.

System4u v Super Panda CircusSystem4u v Super Panda Circus

Rocker, Samurai, Shaman, Dreamer or Shadow. Behind each of the five characters is a unique story, the development and resolution of which is influenced by the guest himself – by the decisions he makes in the game and the cocktails he orders while playing. In total (depending on the character) he can drink 4-6 cocktails during the story.

System4u v Super Panda CircusSystem4u v Super Panda Circuss

“We want our guests to take away an exceptional and unique experience from every visit to our bar. That’s why we have a mobile app with five characters, five stories and several alternative endings. Even if it’s someone’s tenth time with us, they’re still very likely to experience a brand new evening – with new drinks and a new story,” explains Michal Nevrlý, the bar’s head bartender and operator.

“We used to completely overhaul the menu every year, but regulars quickly tried it out and their next visits to the bar were not so special for them. We believe that with the mobile app this will change and the current menu, which we have been tweaking for several months, will last for two years,” Nevrlý hopes.

Tablets supplied by Samsung, handled by System4u

Experienced artists took care of the graphic side of the mobile application, giving an original graphic form to the dreamlike collages and characters that accompany the whole story.

The application itself runs on Samsung Galaxy A A10.1 tablets, which were supplied to Panda by Comfor, an authorized Samsung dealer for the Czech Republic. The tablets have a great picture, dynamic audio and great battery life, so they’ll last all evening on a single charge. But to make sure that the bar people don’t have to worry about the technical side of things, the tablets have the Samsung Knox remote management system installed, which allows the devices to be managed remotely by System4u.

“We make sure that the tablets work, the app is always up to date and the guest always gets where they need to go. Therefore, the internet and all other apps are blocked on the tablets, the guest only gets to the Panda app. However, if people from the bar request in the future, for example, to be able to order drinks from the tablets, we will simply upload this additional app to the tablets remotely.” says Petra Holubcová, marketing manager of System4.

The invisible support that Panda values

The role of System4 is supportive and virtually invisible throughout. The best part of the job is that neither the bartenders nor the operators have to deal with any technical problems or downtime.

“To tell you the truth, most of us don’t even know who’s managing our tablets remotely. And this is actually the best praise for System4a – the fact that we don’t have to deal with any technical problems or outages is a signal that the company is doing its job to perfection,” concludes Nevrlý.

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