Reliable customer support is priceless

A series about the life cycle of mobile devices

Topic No. 4 – Reliable customer support is priceless

In previous articles on The life cycle of mobile devices in companies, you could read about their selection, purchase or rental and set up. We will now turn to another important chapter, which is customer support.

You might think that after you’ve selected the mobile devices, got them up and running, set them up, and have given them to your employees, that you’re finally done. However, sometimes your people forget their passwords, some of their applications don’t work, or they break or lose their devices. In these cases, it’s essential to provide immediate and reliable support.

Speed is of the essence

Imagine that your employees work exclusively from mobile devices. In the event of equipment being lost or damaged, these employees are waiting to resolve the repair, complaint, or the purchase and set up of new equipment. During this time, their work costs money and the company loses money unnecessarily.

So, at System4u, we rely on fast customer support. In the event of loss or damage to your mobile device, we’ll immediately send you a replacement that’s set up exactly the same as the original one. Your employee can continue their work almost immediately – and in the meantime we’ll handle the repair or complaint or the purchase of a new device.

We provide support through our helpdesk

We have a dedicated technical team at System4u to support mobile device users.

Our technicians are constantly learning new skills. For example, they passed the demanding exams in 2020 that VMware prepared for its partners and achieved the Master Services Competency in the field of Digital Workspace. Thanks to this, we have an overview that enables us to let you know about current versions of technologies or new solution options.

We provide support with the help of the customer helpdesk, in which our customers log in with their password and immediately see what their status is, how many devices are in the process or how many have been resolved. You can even prioritize requests – so if something is really urgent, you can let us know by using the helpdesk.

If for any reason you can’t or don’t want to use the helpdesk, of course just call us at any time and we’ll take care of you. However, it won’t be as clear and prioritized as when using the helpdesk, and it won’t speed up our service in any way.

We’re always available

We know that some urgent problems can’t wait. So, we offer 24/7 support for customers who are interested.  For a reasonable monthly fee, these customers can rest assured that we will always deal with their requests as a matter of priority – even at weekends or at midnight.

In addition, we stay in touch with these customers. We inform them about news, planned updates and prevent possible problems. We know their IT infrastructure, making it even easier to resolve any problem.

However, those who do not pay for this support have a harder time. As soon as a problem occurs, and it’s always urgent and no one wants to wait, it leads to a rather unpleasant situation.

It may happen that we haven’t been in contact with these kinds of customers for a long time, we don’t know the situation with their IT infrastructure and where the mistake could have happened. Finding the cause of the error is much more difficult and it takes a lot more time and, as a result, a lot more money. In addition, our technicians really can’t provide assistance to such customers right away, as their priorities are clearly set.

That’s why our sales staff emphasizes the benefits of prepaid support to all customers.

We also offer our support to end users of mobile devices. Employees don’t have to contact the company’s IT department – they can call us directly. We’re able to communicate with them in Czech and English. This service is appreciated by large companies with branches around the world.

The key takeaway is that the customer doesn’t have to call an anonymous call centre somewhere on the other side of Europe with their request. They can always call us, to a specific technician, who does not just pass the request on somewhere, but resolves it immediately themselves.



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