Cybersecurity and MDR

With the increasing cyber threats and demands for information security, we offer continuous security monitoring and proactive protection for your digital environment (Managed Detection and Response) – System4u MDR.

Our system uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify anomalies, correlate related events, detect a wide range of security threats and provide automated responses.

A team of security analysts will be available to assist you in the event of a suspected major security breach or compromise of your environment.

Why with us?
Cybersecurity and MDR
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    Fast detection and response

    The ability to quickly detect and respond to cybersecurity threats is crucial for minimizing the impact of attacks and reducing the risk of data loss. With the System4u MDR service, we will continuously monitor your systems, performing real-time analysis and correlation of all activities.

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    Advanced technologies

    We use the latest “state of the art” technologies and methodologies that enable detailed threat analysis and identification of unknown and sophisticated attacks. Our qualified experts will provide full assistance until any security incident is resolved.

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    Strengthening security

    System4u MDR is a set of tools and procedures that allow you to detect events in your IT environment, analyze and assess threats and take preventive action. It will enable you to meet the requirements of the European Union within NIS2 Directive .

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    Cost savings

    The service is more cost-effective than building and maintaining similar competencies and infrastructure within your own organisation. With us, you get highly professional services and cutting-edge technology at a very affordable price.


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  • We are a Microsoft partner with the Modern Work and Security designation, and we hold an advanced specialization in Identity and Access Management.

WE WILL TEST YOUR COMPANY’S CYBER SECURITY FOR FREE – you will receive a comprehensive analysis with a proposal for the next strategy.

Cybersecurity and MDR

System4u MDR

System4u MDR (Managed Detection and Response) is our modular solution built on top of Microsoft Sentinel. It is a fully managed service comprising a set of processes, configurations, analytical rules, reports (workbooks) and automations (playbooks), covering the needs of small, as well as really large organisations.

During the design process, we placed great emphasis on orchestration and security automation (SOAR) to minimize the amount of manual intervention and naturally reduce response times to threats.

System4u MDR provides full logging of events in your environment, whether for security analysis or auditing purposes. It will also take care of the safe storage of logs (retention) for the necessary period of time.

We provide the service with your maximum privacy and security in mind – data never leaves your environment and you have full control over our activities.

Modules offered

  • System4u MDR Cloud Identity Add-on – the cornerstone of our solution. Secures Microsoft 365 tenant and your cloud identities within Microsoft Entra ID.
  • System4u MDR Endpoint Add-on – focuses on securing your devices. It works with information obtained from Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.
  • System4u MDR Microsoft 365 Apps and Data Add-on – focuses on securing Microsoft Exchange, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. It also works with information obtained from Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365.
  • System4u MDR Network Security Add-on – They focus on protecting your data. It works with information obtained from Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and Microsoft Purview. We also offer solutions for network traffic inspection analysis using the deep packet inspection method.
  • System4u MDR On-premises Identity Add-on – focuses on securing your on-premises identities within Microsoft Active Directory. It works with information obtained from Microsoft Defender for Identity.

Services provided

  • Continuous development and maintenance of all deployed components.
  • 24/7 monitoring – advanced analysis, identification of security events and incidents with automated response capabilities.
  • Threat Hunting – regular scanning of your environment to identify potential security weaknesses and possible misconfigurations. We also undertake joint planning of the strategy for further development of security taking into account the ongoing changes in the environment.
  • Incident handling support with SLA guarantee in 8/5 or 24/7 mode – our experts are ready to provide full assistance until the resolution of any security incident. We can also help you process cyber incident reports for regulatory authorities and other purposes.

Activating the System4u MDR service

The foundation of successful cyber security is a clear security strategy and a precise setup of systems across the entire corporate infrastructure. So before we get into the security monitoring of your environment, it’s important to ensure that everything is set up correctly.

  • We will analyse the baseline and provide expert recommendations for strengthening cyber protection. We follow the Zero Trust architecture model and Defence In Depth.
  • We will develop solution design and project documentation and deploy selected security technologies according to the chosen System4u MDR modules.
  • We will activate Microsoft Sentinel in your environment and set up data connectors to collect security information.
  • Integration into Microsoft Lighthouse ensures secure access to your data and automated deployment of System4u MDR solutions.
  • We will train your IT staff in our procedures.

Benefits of our solution

We rely on proven Microsoft technologies that are among the absolute market leaders.

  • Rapid deployment across your entire infrastructure. We will guide you smoothly through the entire process from selecting the protection elements and setting them up to training your staff to continue operating them.
  • You will get comprehensive protection, including data and equipment outside the basic cyber defence perimeter in the datacentre itself.
  • You’ll be part of a community of security experts, and we’ll be the first to inform you about risk and new threats.
  • You will have the opportunity to incorporate modern tools utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence models into your operations.
  • You’ll take full advantage of tools that save your operational costs and increase the accuracy of your monitoring and security posture.

We’ll take your resilience against cyber threats to the next level. Our services will also help ensure your organisation is compliant with the new EU Cyber Security Directive – NIS2. and will strengthen your overall security strategy.


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