Device Lifecycle Management

We use unique processes and tools to take complete care of the purchase, delivery, management and recovery of all your employees’ mobile devices. We can handle companies that use hundreds or thousands of devices.

Why with us?
Device Lifecycle Management
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    Ideal equipment

    We will consult your needs and select the ideal device in terms of functionality, durability, support duration and management. We will then find the most suitable contractor and arrange financing and a long-term restoration plan.

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    Ready to work

    Thanks to our technology and processes, we can make hundreds of new mobile devices ready for immediate use within a few days. We will inspect all equipment and arrange delivery to your company.

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    With full support

    We take care of the reliable operation of your equipment. We provide configuration changes through central administration and provide support to users. We handle claims and replacement of malfunctioning or lost equipment.

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    Safe and environmentally friendly restoration

    We’ll let you know in advance when your equipment needs to be replaced and ensure a smooth transition to the new equipment. We securely erase all data from the discarded equipment and then ensure its environmentally friendly recycling.


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Device Lifecycle Management

Our services

We will provide a consultation or select the equipment directly

Choosing the right device will save you money on setup, distribution and subsequent device recovery. We have years of experience with all platforms and can provide informed advice on which is the right way to go in a given situation.

We can also arrange equipment rental

It may be advantageous for someone to buy the equipment, for another to lease it, or to lease it with the option of purchasing it later on.

We will find you the most suitable supplier, financing options and a plan for future equipment renewal and replacement.

We implement tools for record keeping

Device management and record keeping are an essential part of the device life cycle. In addition to a foundation in standard MDM systems, we offer the deployment of enhanced and data-structured tools and processes that allow you to optimize the entire lifecycle of equipment and significantly reduce the cost of acquisition and subsequent renewal.

We set up the device and send it to the user

We pre-set the device and deliver it to the hands of the end user, who just unpacks the device, logs in for the first time, and all subsequent configuration and security of the device is handled remotely and fully automatically.

We always deliver the device updated and fully charged, with a SIM or memory card installed. We can also get other accessories such as a hands-free set, protective glass or a case.

We take care of device management and user support

Every device user has access to our helpdesk, where the technicians solve their problems as quickly as possible.

We have all the devices under constant surveillance. We monitor their security, data integrity, security of the applications used, their updates and much more. Administrators and users have an overview of the status of all devices and their compliance with set security rules and policies.

We will develop a recovery plan and highlight equipment replacement

There is always a limit to the lifetime of mobile devices. The original equipment may be no longer available on the market, is no longer manufactured or is obsolete for its intended use. We will develop a long-term plan for equipment renewal, purchase and distribution of new models. We’ll alert users to the upcoming device replacement and ensure a smooth transition to the new equipment.

We will supply a replacement device

We offer several options for the delivery of replacement equipment in the event of breakdowns, losses or warranty repairs. It depends on the amount of equipment in circulation, its use, the criticality of its failure and other factors. We will help to minimize any device failures as much as possible.

We can arrange recycling or disposal

When the electronics reach the end of their life, we will arrange secure data deletion and recycling or environmentally friendly disposal of the device, including accessories.


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