Endpoint protection

Computers, mobile devices and servers are the gateway to corporate data and are the first line of defence against cyber threats. These endpoints face a wide range of risks and are often the first place where an attack begins. Given the rapid evolution of threats, it is important that their protection includes modern effective technologies for prevention, early detection and response – Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions.

Why with us?
Endpoint protection
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    Ordinary antivirus is no longer enough

    Detection of known threats is no longer sufficient due to the high sophistication of attacks. That’s why we secure your XDR (Extended Detection and Response) devices with cloud-based solutions, machine learning, behavioural analytics and artificial intelligence. Protects you against malware, ransomware, phishing and other known and to unknown (zero day) threats.


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    Protection of all devices

    In addition to the security of traditional systems, we specialize in securing mobile devices, which are attractive to attackers because companies don’t pay as much attention to them. However, they contain sensitive data and access to corporate networks and applications. We protect all types of devices, including those in BYOD mode.

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    Strengthening trust

    We connect device management (MDM/UEM) and endpoint protection (XDR) systems for automated deployment, detecting misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in the operating system and applications. This makes it easier to assess the trustworthiness of devices, detect risky devices and restrict access.


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    Accelerate detection and response

    The systematic deployment of XDR is one of the pillars of the adoption of the Zero Trust concept to ensure a comprehensive security picture of your devices. This allows you to narrow the attack surface, detect vulnerabilities and non-standard behaviour early, prioritise and correlate alerts, and respond in an automated way.


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Endpoint protection – XDR

Our services

  • We analyze your needs and design comprehensive XDR endpoint protection incorporating Microsoft, Jamf and Lookout technologies.
  • We automate the deployment of the necessary agents to all your devices – by script, using a device management tool (MDM/UEM), using Azure Arc.
  • We detect other unprotected or dangerous devices on your network.

Windows and XDR

If you are currently using another antivirus, we can deploy our solution in passive mode first. The confluence of technologies will allow enriching information about the managed device with additional signals important for assessing its trustworthiness. You can make a smooth transition to the new technology when you’re ready.

  • Using Security Baselines or CIS benchmarks, we perform security hardening.
  • Set up Microsoft Defender Firewall with the appropriate rules.
  • Use Tamper Protection to protect sensitive security settings of the Windows operating system against unwanted modification.
  • We activate real-time protection against ransomware, malware and malicious script execution.
  • By controlling network traffic, we protect you from network attacks and phishing.
  • We will focus on attack surface reduction. In audit mode, we first monitor the detected events and only after a thorough evaluation do we switch to blocking. So that we don’t limit your standard processes.
  • We identify vulnerabilities in the operating system and applications and recommend the optimal patch management method.

macOS and XDR

Thanks to tight integration of hardware and software, Apple devices are highly secure from the factory. The growing adoption of macOS devices in businesses makes them more attractive to hackers. Our implemented XDR technologies enhance built-in protection, prevention and response capabilities.

  • By applying the principles contained in the CIS benchmarks, we perform security hardening.
  • We provide comprehensive protection against ransomware, malicious application launches, malicious scripts and user actions.
  • We use machine learning to stop suspicious activity and zero-day attacks.
  • You’ll be safe from network attacks and phishing by setting up local content filters and controlling network traffic.
  • We identify vulnerabilities in the operating system and applications and recommend the optimal patch management method.

Android, iOS and XDR

Mobile Device Management MDM/UEM is primarily a configuration tool and cannot fully secure your mobile devices. Therefore, we will deploy the MTD (Mobile Threat Defense) solution within XDR as a comprehensive protection against current cyber threats.

  • Advanced root/jailbreak detection protects your device from unwanted firmware modification.
  • We detect non-standard behavior and prevent unauthorized privilege escalation or malicious code execution.
  • We will protect you from network attacks and phishing – e.g. detecting rogue Wi-Fi access points, protecting against man-in-the-middle attacks and thoroughly controlling web traffic.
  • We identify vulnerabilities in the operating system on your corporate devices and force an update in combination with MDM/UEM.
  • We analyze installed applications for privacy and security. We automatically block dangerous apps.

Given the rapid evolution of cyber threats, it is important that Endpoint Protection – Extended Detection and Response – provides modern and effective technologies for prevention and early detection and response.


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