Modern Windows administration

The need to work flexibly from anywhere fundamentally changes the requirements for Windows device management tools. Traditional solutions that worked well on the local network are no longer suitable in this mode. The concept of a secure network perimeter is outdated. We’ll help you seamlessly transition to modern management and security using cloud-based tools.
For Windows device management, we recommend Microsoft Intune technology or VMware Workspace ONE as an alternative.

Why with us?
Modern Windows administration
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    Comprehensive security

    With cloud tools, you can fully manage and secure your devices wherever they are. Fast patching from the cloud, tight integration of management tools (UEM) and security (XDR) enable adaptive control of data access based on detected risks.

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    Seamless transition

    We have experience from many projects, so we can smoothly transition from “legacy” technologies to modern management with minimal impact on users. A managed upgrade to Windows 11 is a matter of a few settings.

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    User comfort

    Work securely from anywhere, simplify access without the need for VPN, replace passwords with biometrics, self-service portal for installing optional software. Modern administration empowers users and improves their user experience.

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    Saving IT time

    We replace complex computer installation procedures with Autopilot technology, enabling secure activation of corporate devices anywhere in the world. The equipment goes straight from the factory to the employees and they are working within minutes. We will replace passwords with more secure methods and reduce the number of IT support requests.


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We will take care of you completely. We’ll select the right equipment, deploy the most appropriate technology, and address your business data security, and our IT support center will be available to you 24/7/365.

Modern Windows administration

Our services

  • We will design the optimal migration scenario to Hybrid join or Azure AD join mode, including automated device enrollment into Microsoft Intune and with minimal impact on users.
  • If you are using Microsoft Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr, SCCM), we can help you with seamless integration with Microsoft Intune into the so-called co-management.
  • If you don’t want to use Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Intune), we can find the best alternative solution to cover your requirements for modern Windows device management – such as VMware Workspace ONE (AirWatch).
  • We analyze your existing Group Policy Organizations (GPOs) in Active Directory and suggest how to migrate them correctly.
  • We set up and fully secure your computers – we perform security hardening of the operating system using Security Baselines, encrypt disks using BitLocker, set up comprehensive protection using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, set up automated evaluation of device compliance with integration to access policies (conditional access).
  • We will automate the installation of company applications or offer users to install applications in the form of a self-service portal.
  • We integrate Windows Update for Business to manage operating system and driver updates from the cloud.
  • We’ll configure the integration with Autopilot to enable secure and fully managed activation of corporate Windows devices outside your local network.
  • We’ll enable you to go passwordless using Windows Hello for Business.
  • We provide support for the deployed management system and end users.

We can advise you on deploying modern Windows PC management solutions and leveraging cloud or hybrid solutions. We ensure a seamless transition from legacy tools such as Microsoft Active Directory Group Policies to modern management systems.


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