Rugged device management

Barcode scanners, signature and mobile POS terminals, ruggedized devices or devices with support for IoT standards. All of these devices have their own specifics and are often deployed in a business critical process. And we can help you deploy, configure and manage them.

Why with us?
Rugged device management
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    We work with the best

    We are a supplier of leading industrial facilities management solutions – SOTI and VMware Workspace ONE. Both of these platforms have a long history of supporting industrial facilities management and are market leaders.

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    Technology to the max

    We are well aware of the benefits, extensions and support tools of rugged devices from Zebra, Samsung and others. We approach them differently than regular Androids and make the most of them.

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    We have experience

    We have extensive experience in operating resilient devices in various types of operations, on closed networks without communication to the Internet and in securing these devices using kiosk modes.

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    No unnecessary downtime

    Diagnostic tools help prevent unexpected device failures due to a dead battery or weak connection. And when a device breaks, automated activation makes replacing the damaged device with a new one a matter of seconds.


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We will take care of you completely. We’ll select the right equipment, deploy the most appropriate technology, address your business data security, and our IT support center will be available to you 24 hours a day.

Rugged device management

Our services

  • We set up the optimal activation process for all devices – wirelessly via Android Enterprise zero-touch, QR code, NFC, or using proprietary technologies like Zebra StageNow.
  • Rugged devices have a long service life. In addition to modern Android Enterprise devices, we can also help you manage Windows CE / Android devices in Device Admin mode.
  • We have extensive experience in setting up the kiosk mode that is typical of these devices. We can help you secure your equipment against unwanted tampering.
  • In case of a problem on the device, we can provide remote control by an IT employee.
  • We can help you manage device updates and diagnose issues with connectivity, battery and other settings to prevent unwanted downtime.
  • We’ll support your developers in developing “line of business (LOB)” applications – making it easy to mass deploy and configure them using MDM.
  • We provide support for the deployed management system and end users.

From barcode scanners to signature and mobile POS terminals to rugged devices and special IoT devices. With the right technology, you can mass setup, configure and monitor all mobile industrial devices in your business.


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