We are Ivanti’s partner with the highest level of Premier in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We recognize when the technology is suitable and how to maximize its potential. We have experience in deployment in mid-sized companies as well as large global corporations.


Ivanti has long been one of the leaders in Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and further strengthened its position in 2020 with the acquisition of MobileIron. MobileIron products have become part of the Ivanti Neurons platform.

Ivanti Neurons

In Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and Security, Ivanti offers a suite of products covering the complete needs of device management, endpoint patching and security, automated detection, diagnosis and repair of problems (self-healing), and improving the user experience.

Key products in our portfolio

  • Ivanti Neurons for Unified Endpoint Management – an overarching portal providing a unified view of discovery, management, and security across all devices.
  • Connect Secure – formerly Pulse Secure, an SSL VPN solution for all types of endpoint devices
  • Ivanti Neurons for MDM (MobileIron Cloud) – a cloud platform for modern mobile device management for iOS, iPadOS, Android, macOS, ChromeOS and Windows.
  • Endpoint Manager Mobile (MobileIron Core) – an alternative solution for mobile device management in case of on-premises installation.
  • AppConnect and mobile apps Email+, Docs@Work and Web@Work – secure collaboration, document management and website access.
  • Sentry and Tunnel – secure remote access to your infrastructure.
  • Zero Sign-On – Single Sign-On (SSO) and granular access control on your applications.
  • Neurons for Mobile Threat Defense (MobileIron Threat Defense) – cloud-based protection for your mobile devices against a wide range of cyber attacks and phishing. Direct integration with UEM via the Ivanti Go / Mobile@Work client ensures a lightning-fast response to security threats.

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