As a SOTI Gold Partner for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we are able to deploy the entire SOTI ONE platform.


A platform that excels at managing specialty, industrial (rugged) and IoT devices. With the SOTI ONE Platform, you can manage, secure and monitor devices and control their entire lifecycle.

Advantages of the platform

  • The ideal solution for bulk lifecycle management of industrial devices and mobile terminals.
  • Manage industrial printers and other IoT devices.
  • Advanced device and application monitoring for fast troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Key SOTI ONE products in our portfolio

  • MobiControl – allows you to securely manage any device or endpoint with any operating system. Remote access to managed devices makes IT support much easier.
  • Connect – complete lifecycle management for industrial and mobile printers.
  • XSight – enables quick diagnostics and troubleshooting of apps and mobile devices, battery life monitoring, in real-time visualization of device movement, for example
  • Snap – no-code / low-code solution for easy creation of mobile apps and digitization of your processes.
  • Identity – a single and secure identity across the entire SOTI ONE Platform.


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