Windows 365

Windows 365 Cloud Service provides your employees with a personalised virtual machine (Cloud PC) without the need to run a complex VDI infrastructure. With us, you’ll be able to easily secure and manage these cloud computers just like the real thing.

Why with us?
Windows 365
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    Flexibility and safety

    • Convenient access from external contractors, employee access from private devices, test computers or shared computers for shift operation. We ensure complete separation and security of company data so that data never leaves your corporate environment.


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    Easy deployment and support

    You don’t need infrastructure or deep knowledge of virtualization or any other support model. Simply purchase and assign the correct license and the user can be up and running in minutes. Thanks to the integration with Microsoft Intune, we enable you to manage cloud computers in a modern and process-oriented way, just like real ones.

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    Easy to use

    The cloud computer can be accessed from anywhere using a regular browser, an app (Windows 365/RDP), a thin client with Windows 11, a Samsung mobile phone with DeX technology or an iPad. Windows 365 fully supports Microsoft Office desktop applications, including Teams. You can assign local administrative permissions to users and set regular restore points.


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    Cost savings

    •  Do you need a powerful short-term computer for a developer or a standard configuration for a temporary worker for a month? Desktop in case of a breakdown or loss of a device? You don’t have to buy or keep spare hardware. With us, make the most of the benefits of the cloud and get the necessary performance you need only for the time you use it.

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We will provide comprehensive care and support. We’ll select the right device, deploy the most appropriate technology, address the security of your business data, and our support center will be available 24/7 if you need it.

Our services

  • We will ensure the selection of the proper Windows 365 Cloud PC licenses and optimally integrate them into your environment, allowing the user to be up and running within minutes.
  • Using Microsoft Intune, we will design a centralized configuration of all Windows 365 computers so that they become a natural and secure part of your device fleet.
  • We will prepare templates of new Cloud PC stations for fast onboarding of users.
  • We provide support for the system and end users.

Simply purchase and assign the correct license and the user can be up and running in minutes. In Windows 365 Enterprise, the service is also fully integrated with Microsoft Intune, so you can centrally manage and secure cloud computers just like physical ones.

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