Deploying DevSecOps

We enable you to fully leverage the potential of system resources, cloud services and other technologies to achieve the highest efficiency. We ensure that your IT operations are performed consistently, at the right time and with minimal manual intervention. You’ll save time and costs, minimize errors and increase the reliability of your environment.

Why with us?
Deploying DevSecOps
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    Higher efficiency

    We can help you significantly increase the efficiency of repetitive tasks by designing recommendations and managing the environment according to the Infrastructure-as-Code concept. We will take care of the implementation and optimization of these procedures.

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    Accuracy and consistency

    We ensure a high level of accuracy and reliability in the execution of tasks and significantly reduce the risk of errors. By standardizing processes and orchestrating the management of the environment, you will achieve much greater consistency in operations.

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    Orchestrated security

    We will help you on your way to automatic threat detection and response orchestration (SOAR). Your security solution will work with the speed and precision of a machine.

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    Development and integration of the environment

    We can help you implement a modern way of developing and managing your environment according to the DevSecOps concept. By tightly integrating application development and delivery, you ensure both the flexibility and quality of your products and services.


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Your IT operations will be performed consistently, at the right time and with minimal manual intervention. As an official partner with extended Microsoft design in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we provide comprehensive service for the products we offer. From consultation, implementation, delivery of licenses, training, to subsequent administration and support of the system and users.

Deploying DevSecOps

Our services for DevSecOps

Security Orchestration

We will implement advanced integration and automation of security tools, processes and workflows to improve the efficiency and overall health of your security operations.

Cloud services orchestration

Many activities in your environment are performed on a regular basis or based on definable events or requests. Where possible and practical, we can help you automate and orchestrate processes and entire operations.

  • We analyze and prepare your environment for an automated Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) process for building, scaling and managing your cloud environment.
  • We automate the deployment of virtual machines, databases and other cloud resources using Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Terraform or Ansible.

Application modernization and container deployment

We shorten your development cycle, accelerate your ability to deploy fixes and new features, and ensure reliability and high levels of security. The DevSecOps methodology is a way of advanced development and environment management through tight integration between the responsible teams.

  • We identify services or application units suitable for modernization and propose a procedure for their containerization.
  • We connect your or external developers with traditional IT infrastructure teams. We will help you understand modern ways of deploying applications in containers, the security aspects and management processes involved.
  • We will design and prepare your environment to deploy new technologies and orchestrators such as Docker and Kubernetes (K8s) to accelerate deployment, upgrade and scale application performance.
  • We’ll perform the integrations needed to provide Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Deployment/Delivery (CD) processes, including the structure of your code management repositories (e.g. GitHub) and linking them to Azure DevOps. We take care of access rights definitions for your organization or external suppliers.
  • We integrate security practices into the entire application development and delivery lifecycle according to the DevSecOps methodology DevSecOps

Our experience allows us to expertly point to IT processes where a change of approach and the use of new tools and procedures will enable us to achieve the set objectives at reduced cost, increased quality and speed of service delivery.


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