IT infrastructure modernisation and hybrid cloud

When upgrading your IT infrastructure, we move your environment to a highly flexible and scalable model, whether pure cloud or hybrid cloud. We will improve the performance and availability of your key systems and applications. We ensure higher reliability and safety. We take care of administration, monitoring and cost optimization. You will be able to react faster to market changes, improving user experience competitiveness.

Why with us?
IT infrastructure modernisation and hybrid cloud
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    From design to implementation

    We have experienced engineers and architects, with a wide range of knowledge and professional certifications. We can advise you on new adoptions, hybrid combinations or upgrades. Together we will find the right solution and ensure its implementation.

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    Continuous development

    Drawing on a rich history, we’ve come all the way from the traditional datacenter to modern cloud services. We have a good understanding of the advantages and pitfalls of both worlds and can advise you on how to get the most out of your investment for your future development.

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    Support up to 24/7

    We take care of continuous monitoring and support of your environment in an 8/5 or 24/7 model. We can also fully take over the management and development of your infrastructure, freeing your hands to focus on core business activities.

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    Costs after control

    We can provide advantageous licensing or subscriptions to start, help with targeted monitoring of the use of all resources, their switching and flexible change. We do not insist on solutions according to tradition or vendor, but we build according to your specific needs.


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We provide complete consulting and implementation services. We consider the systematic and conceptual deployment of IT processes, cloud resources and services to be key to the modernisation and transformation of any organisation.

Modernization and management of IT infrastructure

Our IT modernization and hybrid cloud services

  • Hybrid solutions and upgrades to existing services – we are specialists in Microsoft Azure, as well as interconnected traditional infrastructure or other public cloud providers. We provide architectural consultation to upgrade your environment and develop your existing infrastructure to achieve the efficiency and security levels you require. We will do the implementation for you in the form of a project.
  • Design and adoption of new services – we recommend a gradual migration path to new cloud services and products that are most suitable for your needs, cost optimal and allow for further development. We will prepare a design proposal for you and guide you through the entire process from selection to implementation, including precise documentation.
  • Training – we will train your staff to ensure they are able to effectively use and manage the new environment.
  • Project management – we have experienced project managers who will manage the entire project.
  • Post-migration support – we will stay close after the main phase of the project is completed. We provide IT support and monitoring service in 8/5 or 24/7 mode.
  • Environment management – IT as a service (ITaaS). We take responsibility for the design, management and continuous development of your infrastructure.
  • Continuous optimization and strategic planning – regular review and optimization of the environment and processes is critical in a cloud or hybrid cloud environment to achieve best performance, high efficiency and cost savings. We will be your partner in the long-term planning of the modernization and development of your environment in line with your business goals and using the latest technology.

Recommended scenario for upgrading and deploying new services

Analysis of the current environment

  • Thorough assessment of existing IT systems and infrastructure, identifying weaknesses and potential areas for modernisation and automation.
  • Analysis in the form of workshops to assess your requirements and translate them into a design for long-term management and sustainable operation.

Preparation, selection of platform, product or service

  • Target (landing) zone design.
  • Selection of the most appropriate technologies in accordance with the needs of the organization.
  • Preparation of a design document and an estimate of future costs.

Draft strategy

  • Creation of an implementation plan including goals, priorities, steps and acceptance criteria needed to achieve it.
  • Design using DevSecOps principles and model , which we will train you on.
  • We emphasize tight integration of components and interdependent security, including designs for reliable data backup and recovery.

Migrating, moving data and applications

  • Prepare code for deploying cloud resources from ARM templates or using Terraform and Ansible orchestration and configuration tools.
  • We can help with the design and setup of the entire Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) model , including connecting your new environment to Azure DevOps / GitHub and subsequent maintenance.
  • Preparation of documents for approval of changes and their defence.
  • Migration of existing systems, data and applications between environments, including consideration of user experience and migration testing.
  • Moving entire environments from on-premises to the cloud, or even the other way around.
  • Completion of project documentation.

Change monitoring, reporting and evaluation

  • Throughout the project, we closely monitor the implementation of the changes according to the static schedule and provide ongoing evaluation.

The right deployment and upgrade process is the way to go, where an experienced partner will bring the key to success and long-term satisfaction over the invested resources. With our team of specialists, you’ll get the most out of cloud services.


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