Modern Identity - IAM

Modern Identity and Access Management (IAM) plays a key role in today’s world. With a modern identity, you can connect employees, business partners and customers and enable them to collaborate easily and securely from anywhere. With us, you take control of user accounts and their permissions, eliminate manual processes and protect your company data.

Why with us?
Modern Identity - IAM
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    Simplify access

    By consolidating identities, introducing modern authentication, single sign-on and access control to all corporate applications, we’ll improve your user experience and enable easy and productive collaboration from anywhere.

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    Increased security

    We can protect identities by deploying multi-factor authentication, or get rid of passwords altogether. By continuously evaluating user, device, location and detected risk signals, we strengthen your ability to respond to cyber threats.

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    Governance & Compliance

    We’ll put in place a fully automated and audited identity lifecycle management process for you – from creating user accounts, assigning them to groups, assigning roles or licenses, periodic reviews, to deleting and removing them from connected systems and applications.

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    Accelerate application development

    Do you run e-shops, customer portals or other systems that require user-friendly and secure customer login? We can help integrate cutting-edge tools for unified management, authentication and authorization of customer identities.


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We have years of experience in setting up modern identity management and always independently select the approaches and technologies that best suit your company.

Modern Identity – IAM

Our Identity and Access Management services

  • Based on a detailed analysis of your environment, we will design a process to consolidate all your identities into one system.
  • We identify corporate applications and authentication methods used. For each of them, we design the optimal integration, access control, including the allocation of the right licenses.
  • We will introduce a single employee identity, a central record of user accounts and related access roles. We also allow you to manage your external supplier or customer accounts and easily integrate them with your applications.
  • We protect users from misuse of their login credentials by deploying secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods.
  • Deploying a self-service portal for easy password reset and change by users will save your IT support a lot of time associated with forgotten passwords. We can also get rid of passwords altogether and switch to passwordless authentication.
  • By linking a modern identity with MDM/UEM, we significantly increase your security. We will also make it more convenient and easier for users to access corporate resources from trusted devices.
  • By monitoring user access activity, we identify suspicious or unusual behaviour and automate the response in case of increased risk.
  • We will provide monitoring and support for your IAM solution up to 24/7.

We implement a process to manage the entire lifecycle of employee accounts and other identities – from their creation, to regular review, to their cancellation and removal from all connected systems and applications.


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