Secure internet access

The Internet brings threats related to the spread of viruses and hacker attacks. Securing Internet access with Secure Web Gateway (SWG) helps protect organizations and users from digital threats. At the same time, it enables regulation, control and optimization of Internet traffic. Whether you work from the office, home or are on the road, we can consistently protect you.

Why with us?
Secure internet access
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    Protection against threats

    We can help you protect your business networks and devices from infection and data loss. Secure Web Gateway (SWG) provides extensive protection against a variety of Internet threats, including malware, phishing, ransomware and more.

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    Access control

    We make it easy for you to implement and enforce Internet access policies. This includes, for example, filtering content and blocking unauthorised sites based on company policies and security requirements.

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    Audit and compliance

    We will provide you with tools to monitor and audit your internet traffic for compliance with regulations (such as GDPR) and to monitor suspicious user activity (such as data theft attempts).

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    Optimising network performance

    By controlling your internet access, we can optimize and prioritize your data traffic. This will improve the responsiveness of your business-critical applications, making your work faster and more efficient.


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We will take care of you completely. We’ll deploy the most appropriate technology, and address the security of your business data, and our support center will be available to you up to 24 hours a day.

Our Secure Web Gateway Services

  • We can secure internet traffic from all your devices and systems, including network elements and server systems. We deploy Lookout and Microsoft technologies.
  • We will first discuss your needs with you and then propose an optimal and easily scalable solution.
  • As part of a phased deployment, we will first thoroughly analyze all outbound traffic and help you detect so-called. “Shadow IT” – i.e. cases where employees use information technology and cloud services outside the official and organisation-approved ones.
  • Together, we identify corporate and permitted applications and design a set of policies to filter content and block unauthorized services. If necessary, we deploy SSL inspection to detect attacks in encrypted communication.
  • We will integrate with other security features, such as identity management systems for easy policy assignment and SIEMs to provide an audit trail.
  • We will provide monitoring and support for your Secure Web Gateway solution up to 24/7.

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