As partners of Lookout in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we will provide you with a comprehensive service from consultation, implementation, delivery of licenses, training, to subsequent administration and support of the system and users.


Lookout is a leader in access security and data protection. It equips you with modern technologies that simplify access, increase employee productivity and reduce security risks for your organisation. Suitable for hybrid work solutions.

Key products in our portfolio

  • Lookout Secure Cloud Access – secures access to data stored in your cloud applications and protects them. It provides deep visibility and control over users, data and applications, ensuring security, flexibility and worker productivity.
  • Lookout Secure Private Access – provides seamless and secure connectivity to private applications – whether they are hosted locally or in the cloud. This is a modern ZTNA solution.
  • Lookout Secure Internet Access – a cloud-based Zero Trust solution that offers protection for users, networks and company data from Internet threats.

Main advantages

  • We protect against any threat – whether it’s network attacks or software weaknesses on your endpoint devices.
  • Phishing and Content Protection – detects phishing threats across any communication channel.
  • User and Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA) – monitors user activities and potential threats. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), it ensures you are always protected.
  • Unified policies – ensure consistent and effective protection from anywhere.
  • Mobile Vulnerability Management – protects your mobile fleet from vulnerabilities using AI and crowdsourced data.
  • Data Leakage Protection (DLP) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) – detects and classifies data in real time and enforces the organization’s policies. It protects your data even when it flows to applications and endpoints you don’t manage.

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