We are a Microsoft partner with Modern Work and Security designation and advanced specialization in Identity and Access Management. We can secure the Microsoft 365 platform perfectly.  


Microsoft is the world's leading provider of comprehensive identity management, access control and data protection solutions.

Microsoft’s modern Entra and Defender tools for cybersecurity, identity management, access control and data protection are built on the concept of Zero Trust. Thanks to the close integration of individual security products, it is possible to achieve high transparency of the IT environment, maximum automation and orchestration.

Key products in our portfolio

Microsoft Entra ID

  • A cloud-based identity and access management service that gives your employees and business partners easy and secure access to your organisation’s resources. For example, to Microsoft 365, Azure Portal and thousands of other SaaS applications, but also to internal applications developed for your own organisation.
  • Entra ID also offers technologies for multi-factor or passwordless authentication and protection of your identities against various cyber attacks. Thanks to the Microsoft Entra External ID extension, it can also cover the needs of customer identity management.

Microsoft Entra ID Governance

  • Identity lifecycle management is the foundation of good identity management. This technology helps you quickly, securely and transparently assign permissions within your organisation and change them over time, for example, due to a change in the employee’s job position.

Microsoft Entra Privileged Identity Management

  • Provides technology to activate administrative roles only when necessary (just-in-time) and with time constraints. This helps mitigate the risks associated with the misuse of highly privileged accounts.

Global Secure Access

  • Security Service Edge (SSE) solution from Microsoft, built on the basic principles of Zero Trust.
  • Microsoft Entra Internet Access secures access to Microsoft 365, SaaS and public Internet applications while protecting users, devices and data from Internet threats.

  • Microsoft Entra Private Access gives your users secure remote access to your internal business resources. Microsoft Entra Private Access extends Microsoft Entra Application Proxy capabilities to include access to any resource, port, and protocol.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

  • solutions for comprehensive protection of SaaS applications. It provides tools to detect shadow IT, leverage cloud applications, protect against a variety of application and internet threats, protect information and assess compliance.

Microsoft PurView

  • A comprehensive set of tools to help your organisation manage, protect and govern data wherever it resides.

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