Zero Trust concept

Zero Trust is the modern standard for security and access to corporate applications and resources. Instead of traditional perimeter-level protection, it builds security around the identity (of a user, device, service or application) and allows your employees to work flexibly from anywhere.

Why with us?
Zero Trust concept
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    High flexibility and mobility

    We enable your users to collaborate productively and securely from anywhere, anytime, on any device. We will significantly simplify access and authentication to cloud and on-premise applications.

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    We protect data

    We’ll set up security measures such as automated data classification, strong encryption, device management, access control and strong identity verification to help protect your sensitive information.

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    We will reduce the risks to a minimum

    By continuously authenticating and monitoring every access or activity, we reduce the risk of data leakage and system compromise. This minimises the damage caused by cyber-attacks or network errors.

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    Gradually and systematically

    Successful adoption of the Zero Trust concept requires a strategic and systematic approach. We analyze your environment, identify weak points and propose a step-by-step transformation. Always with your users and their user experience in mind.


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We will guide you step by step through the process of transforming your corporate IT environment, selecting the appropriate technologies, increasing your flexibility and security, and significantly reducing the impact of a potential cyber attack.

Zero Trust concept

Why the Zero Trust concept?

Are your users working fully remotely or hybrid from different locations and devices? Have you moved some or even most applications to the cloud to simplify business collaboration? Do you need to work with external suppliers and give them access to your systems? Does most of your business communication take place over the public internet and the secure perimeter is virtually non-existent? Want to proactively protect yourself against sophisticated cyber threats like phishing and ransomware? Or even against internal threats such as data leaks or unauthorised employee access to critical information?

The principle of zero trust always implies a breach of security and therefore:

  • Explicit authentication and authorisation is based on many signals – for example, user identity, location, authentication method, device used and its security.
  • Modern technologies such as machine learning, anomaly detection and artificial intelligence are used in the evaluation process.
  • Access to applications or data is allocated only for the moment and limited to the necessary time using microsegmentation.
  • Continuous monitoring is carried out and the system automatically reacts in the event of a detected risk.

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The Zero Trust concept affects many parts of corporate IT, so it is necessary to proceed judiciously. Our experts will analyse your environment, prepare a detailed Zero Trust adoption plan and implement the necessary technology.


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